Mages Are Too Op Chapter 88

Chapter 88 Buying A Piece Of Your Flesh

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Although Bards expression was still quite arrogant, Roland was acutely aware that the pride in Bards eyes had diminished by quite a lot.

As expected, this world emphasized strength: pure, plain strength. If you were stronger than them, even an arrogant person had to curb their temper.

However, Bard still spoke in a tone ride with ridicule and resentment.

1Roland sized him up for a moment and admitted with a smile, "Yes, we can revive. Why cant we rely on such a great ability?"

1Bard laughed lightly. "Dont you think thats quite shameless? Originally, in battles, things like courage are precious only because of the threat of death. The fact that you Golden Sons can revive is a dire insult to the courage of others. An insult to those who face you directly, to those who fight you."

1Upon hearing these words, Roland smiled. "According to your logic, you nobles are also a bunch of good-for-nothings, knowing only to maintain your meager existences based on the glory of your ancestors. If you have the guts, separate from your family and make a living as a commoner, and dont rely on your status as a noble. How about that?"

2Bard frowned, feeling his stomach ache a little.

1The person in front of him was quick-witted. If he criticized the other side for cowardice, the other side would criticize him for being useless, unwilling to take a loss. It matched with the information he had acquiredGolden Sons were a group that didnt care about nobles at all.

Although Bard was proud, he wasnt an extremely obstinate and inflexible person. Since the other side currently had strong sentiments against him, he would retreat for the time being. He immediately smiled and said, "Your argument is quite interesting, but dont let other nobles apart from me hear, or else theyll never stop bothering you."

2After hearing these words, Roland revealed a smile, contemplative with a trace of mockery.

2Bard shivered on the inside from this look. He was even somewhat irritated, but he couldnt vent his feelings. He no longer smiled. He was, after all, the son of a great noble family from the capital. He was already quite out of sorts not being regarded as the center of the world, and now a Golden Son directly attacked him verbally.

2He took a deep breath and said expressionlessly, "I have some matters to discuss with you thats unsuitable to talk about outside. Besides, as one of the masters of the Magic Tower, arent you going to invite me in?"

1"Please come in." Roland still wore that contemplative smile; his tone when he spoke was also quite odd.

Bard was even more enraged at this. He very much wanted to leave but he still endured it.

Finally, the two of them found a table on the second floor and sat down face to face.

Bard looked around. "Youre not very good at showing hospitality. If youre not going to serve pastries and delicacies, at least give me a cup of fruit wine."

1"I dont know how to do these things." Roland shrugged indifferently. "Besides, youre not worthy enough for me to do so."

1"Are you deliberately baiting me?" Bard asked with narrowed eyes.

Roland was indeed deliberately baiting this man. Only under an infuriated state will certain people reveal their true nature. This is why the majority of prominent figures had a calm personality.

They didnt want their nature to be seen through and their weaknesses seized.

Roland smiled. "No way! I simply dont like you."

1"As it happens, I also dislike you a lot." The rage inside Bard was getting fiercer and fiercer; he almost couldnt hold it in anymore. "Ive only come to ask you this: do you sell your flesh?"

Rolands mouth gaped slightly.

These words were truly too shocking, at least for Roland.

Soon after, he started to feel his balls hurt and his butt clench, black ink even dripped from his dark and sullen face.

1"Do you want to die!?"

Roland said this one word at a time, fuming with rage. At the same time, he mobilized large amounts of mental power and a giant transparent blue hand appeared above their heads, ready to smash down any time.

1Roland was level four, and after completing the dungeon quest, he received a large amount of experience. He only had about ten percent more experience to earn to get to level five.

And there was a disparity in levelBard was only level two. Moreover, Rolands character attributes growth interface was the template of a Golden Son belonging to the Commander level, with high attributes, multiple abilities, and multiple specialties.

Bards was at most of the Elite level attribute growth.

1Some basic information could be found on the official website of the game, including the character attributes template level.

According to the information provided by the official website, the class templates from low to high were: Normal, Elite, Genius, Commander, Overlord, Demon God, Divinity.

The players overall attribute growth was considerably high. From a certain perspective, they could be considered as mid-level bosses.

At this moment, Rolands imposing manner was quite terrifying. Bard felt like he was facing a massive human-shaped dragon. He swallowed and said in a hurry, "I have no ill intentions."

1"You can leave now. Do so before I break both your legs." Roland stared at him unwaveringly.

1Bard got up and left without hesitation.

Bard left the Magic Tower with the two magic apprentices, his expression sullen. He was very furious and he very much wanted to go back and beat up Roland for boldly frightening him, the son of a great noble family.

However, he only thought about this he wouldnt dare go back.

1The magic apprentices following at his side were already frightened to the point of breaking out in a cold sweat.

"Bulls**t," Bard cursed as he walked. "This Rolands got problems. Whats the big deal with trying to buy a piece of his flesh with gold coins, did he need to act so murderously? I knew I shouldnt have come to him."

1Meanwhile, at this moment, Roland was rubbing his forehead. He originally wanted to infuriate Bard, but unexpectedly, Bard infuriated him.

Mainly because Roland felt Bards acting was too real, the thirsty expression that emerged from Bards eyesBard definitely wanted to buy hischrysanthemum1.

Nobles were disgusting creatures, as expected.

I cant beat you or win in an argument, so Ill be your "good friend," is that how things work?

Afterward, Roland discovered that he received a system notification.

"Youve comprehended Mental Deterrence (specialty)."

1What?Roland clicked on the details of this specialty.

Mental Deterrence: When you are in the state of casting and in the state of anger, you will launch a psychological attack in a radius of level x10 to all living things, regardless of friend or foe. The success rate is determined by the level difference between the two parties, as well as the difference in resistance. An intelligent living thing that fails to pass the exemption verification will fall into a state of panic.

1Panic: all character attributes decrease by 10%.

This specialty looked quite impressive, but after Roland pondered it, he found that it wasnt practical.

2Since he had to be casting and infuriated this didnt conform to the battle style of mages.

When mages fight, they need to remain calm and cast suitable spells at the right time and place in order to achieve the perfect results.

In a state of fury, a mage with sparking flames in the left hand and a large fireball in the right, shouting out the enemys name and crazily bombarding the enemythere was absolutely no aesthetics in this Wait, it might seem a little cool.

1Perhaps, it would have surprising effects in some special situations.

Obtaining a new specialty was a good thing anyhow. Roland was in a slightly better mood now. He was about to conduct magic derivation experiments, but he received another system notification.

Dont tell me I learned another specialty.

With these thoughts in mind, however, he discovered that it was Betta who @ him in the guild system.

"Brother Roland, come to my house, theres something wrong."

Though there were only a few words, Roland sensed a seriousness in this.