Mages Are Too Op Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Nothing More Than A Coincidence

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The atmosphere in the alley was very wrong, a kind of somber chilliness. If it were any ordinary person, they probably wouldve already turned away.

However, the three players knew that they could revive, so at the moment, they continued to move forward fearlessly.

The alley twisted and turned, and as they approached the depths of the slum, the smell of blood gradually became stronger.

Then they turned a corner and saw, at the end of the alley, a rather luxurious three-story building.

There was a plaza, a lawn, a fountain, and some lifelike statues in front of the building.

It was the work of a wealthy aristocrat, at the very least. It was truly unbelievable that such a house could be built in a slum.

And in front of the building, many people were lying on their backs or stomachs, their bodies surrounded by pools of fresh blood.

Things bode ill for them.

In front of the entrance to the small building, there were even more corpses lying on the ground.

The three of them found this somewhat unexpected They stormed over here looking for trouble, but they never expected to see such a scene.

This criminal gang was most likely already uprooted.

Who did it, though?

While they were thinking about this, a group of people appeared at the entrance to the small building.

Roland was startled for a moment because he recognized this group of people. It was Bard and his magic apprentices.

1No wonder there were faint traces of violent surges of magic elements in the air.

Bard walked at the forefront, and when he saw Roland, he was also startled. Then he smiled lightly and walked in large strides toward Roland.

Behind Bard, the magic apprentices were dragging a middle-aged man and woman.

Bard walked up to Roland, briefly glanced at Hawk and Jett, then said with a smile, "You guys came late. Weve already taken care of things for you guys, the righteous Golden Sons."

1His tone was complacent.

Hawk couldnt help but ask, "Do you know this guy? I really want to give him a beating."

1Upon hearing this, Bard instantly felt somewhat annoyed. He looked at Hawk, sized up his appearance, and then felt somewhat fearful.

1Not long ago, Bard had his subordinates make inquiries and learned a lot.

This large bearded youngster should be the one who died countless times to forcibly ruin the lives of a small noble family.

To confront such a barbarian was an action that only an idiot would take. What if this guy really went crazy and got into an endless dispute with him?

1Roland smiled as Bard was forced to yield, then asked, "What are you doing here?"

"Ive inquired about you guys, and I know how you acted in the case of the girls disappearance. And my own guess is that the murderer would have acted again. Just as I was about to dispatch people to protect the commoners, I was still one step behind in the end." Bards expression was one of smug satisfaction again. "Its a little late, but I still saved two old fartshere they are, dont thank me."

1Following Bards smug laughter, Lisas parents were thrown before Roland.

1The middle-aged man and woman had been so frightened that they turned pale and trembled all over. But when they saw Roland, they erupted with immense power: their expressions became wild and resentful at the same.

The two of them dove in front of Roland and grabbed onto his legs.

There was malevolence in the mans frenzied expression. "Why? Why didnt you protect us!? Why? Arent you guys good people? Arent you guys supposed to protect weak commoners like us? You guys are no different from the murderers! Murderers, slaughterers."

1The womans eyes were wide open as if they were going to pop out of their sockets. The expression in her gaze was malicious and resentful. She looked at Roland as if shed seen the murderer that killed her own son. "You wicked man, why didnt you come to protect our home, why didnt you come, why didnt you come!?"

They spat out curses, resentment and the vilest of words all placed on Roland.

Bard froze for a moment, and then laughed smugly and merrily at the sky. His laughter grew louder and louder, and in the end overpowered the curses of the middle-aged couple, until it broke out into strange wheezing.

1His face and neck turned deeply red as if he would pass out the next second.

1However, Bard finally recovered. He took a few breaths and looked at Roland with an expression of mixed irony, smugness, and triumph. "These are the commoners you were protecting, brought so low. Are you happy Shut up!"

The last words,shut up, were not directed at Roland but shouted at the middle-aged couple, whose voices he felt annoyed with for influencing his speech.

Being shouted at by Bard, the middle-aged couple immediately stopped with their curses.

"You see, these are commoners." Bard spread open his arms and said with a feverish expression, "Is it any fun for you to mingle with these shameless, ungrateful commoners who cant even understand the circumstances? I know you Golden Sons dont seem to like us noblesare these commoners any better than we are? Golden Sons, arent you a bit idiotic to stand up for these people?"

1Looking at Bards smug expression, Roland merely smiled and raised his eyebrows.

The other two also wore amused expressions.

Upon seeing their expressions, Bards smug expression gradually became somewhat stiff.

1Hawk chuckled. "When did we say that we were standing up for them?"

Bard looked at Hawk. "Arent you? Ive investigated you. You previously fought against a noble family for those commoners who had their hearts cut out!"

"Yes. I did fight and say that it was for those kids, but mainly, it was in defense of our own values," Hawk said indifferently. "We merely resented the actions of that noble. As for this married couple, before we came, we already guessed more or less how they would end up."

Bard looked toward Roland. "You guys already guessed the outcome?"

1"Before, when they werent willing to leave this city and still wanted Betta and me to protect them, I realized what kind of people they were. We dont like this couple either." Roland shrugged and said indifferently, "However, we still came. Saving them would have been something done in passing; we simply wanted to find a reason to eliminate the criminal gang here or the nobles who act without restraint and violate the bottom line of our values."

1Bards eyes slowly opened, his expression one of extreme and utter disbelief. "This married couple was only your bait?"

Roland nodded. "You could say that. We only help those commoners who are willing to live on, who are willing to save themselves. Such death-seekers have never been in our scope."

"Youre all crazy." Bards expression no longer held that complacency from beforeit was even somewhat ashen. "You guys want to dispose of us nobles!"

1"Theres no such thing." Roland denied this resolutely. "We only want to eliminate some evil people, and those people just happen to be nobles. I know that there are still a lot of good nobles, for example, someone like you, Mr. Bard."