Mages Are Too Op Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Cabbage Oh Cabbage


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It was a new day. Roland climbed out of the immersive cabin.

He first went on the official gaming website and checked the forums.

Just as expected, the forums blew up again. As the first person to complete the main dungeon quest, the posts discussing him almost filled the entire forum.

Theories on Whether Roland Is the Son of the Game Development Team.

Is Roland Really That Lucky?

Roland, Act More Lowkey, You Cant Take All the Good Things.

Similar headings like these constantly appeared, and it almost smelled of a party. Originally, being the first to complete a dungeon wasnt a big deal, but for better or worse, the game producers on the forum posted the achievement reward for being the first to complete a main dungeon quest.

A gold equipment, and one that was extremely practical.

Even President Huang was discussing this matter, whereas Fan Six Hundred Million was even more outrageous: she directly started a thread and @ Roland. Inside this thread, she said that she hoped Roland would sell her the gold equipment; the price was negotiable.

1Roland clicked on the post and clicked away right after reading the contents.

He wouldnt sell the equipment, at least not now, Only when he found a piece of gold equipment more practical than this one.

At first, this was just a matter of an equipment and the players would post about eating lemons to express themselves, but when Roland prepared to go offline and practice saber techniques at the miaodao club, another thread that immediately caught his interest suddenly appeared.

The Secret to Rolands Ability to Being the First to Complete the Main Dungeon Quest.

Upon seeing this title, Rolands interest was piqued and he instinctively clicked on it.

Then, he discovered that the poster was actually Hawk, who recorded the entire process of the five of them going through the dungeon.

2The five of them entered the dungeon, walked to the bosss room, then completed the quest and left.

Because the video was edited, the length of it was less than a minute. In the end, the conclusion given was that Roland knew Character Proficiency so they directly skipped over a lot of steps in the storyline, and this was why he was able to be the first to complete the quest.

This post was completely aggravating the situation.

Many players started to express their discontent.

Is This a Bug Exploit, or Was This Deliberately Done by the Game Planning Group?

Is the Games Outcome Important or the Process?

Mages Can Do So Many Things, Are the Other Classes Too Pathetic?

Cheat Prevention, Loophole Prevention, Roland Prevention

5At first, the players emotions were about to settle, but once this post came out, they immediately roused to fever pitch.

Many players even requested the game producers to provide an explanation.

Especially those large-scale guilds. These organizations would often go all out just to grab the first boss kill in a game.

And now the first person to complete the dungeon was actually a solo player. Most importantly, the means used were not the standard.

This made them quite bitter.

Then, some players, who hoped to create an even bigger deal out of this, even ran to the bug feedback section and desperately reported Roland for using the games bug to his advantage.

1Roland also went over to check it out. The report posts instantly filled several pages.

If one were to say no one was behind the scenes deliberately leading this mob, Roland wouldnt believe them.

However, Roland didnt panic. He had a feeling that the game planners would be quite pressure-resistant this time. They probably couldnt be forced by the players to give an explanation!

He was too tired to read the contents of the posts. After quickly washing his face and brushing his teeth, he rode a public bike to the miaodao club.

1The weather was quite nice today, the morning breeze a little cool. He felt especially comfortable when the wind blew on his body.

Roland arrived at the miaodao club and saw that Night Tide Sands had already carried out breakfast.

1The breakfast was also quite sumptuous today. Not only were there noodles, but also buns and wontons.

The noodles were still the medicinal kind, but the buns and wontons looked quite exquisite.

"What day is it today?" Roland sat down by the table, looking somewhat surprised at Night Tide Sands.

Night Tide Sands ladled a bowl of noodles for him, placed a plate of buns and a bowl of wontons in front of Roland, and said indifferently, "You paid tuition, so we have more ample funds for breakfast."

I see!

Because everyone had the same breakfast, Roland didnt have any other suspicions. He first tried the bun. It tasted pretty good.

1Then, he drank some broth from the wonton bowl and discovered that it also tasted pretty good and quite fresh.

A breakfast like this was certainly better than the takeout he ordered.

He started to gobble down the food immediately.

Seeing that he was eating happily, Night Tide Sands grinned a little.

1On the side, a youngster ate quite happily and couldnt help but shout, "Cousin, the breakfast you make is too good. Marry me in the future."

1The others all let out friendly laughs.

Night Tide Sands patted the youngsters head neither lightly nor heavily. "Relatives cant get married to each other."

The youngster put on a disappointed look.

After a filling breakfast, Roland took more than half an hour to digest the food before his stomach felt less swollen.

Under Qi Shaoqius guidance, he trained in the horse stance for half of the morning and also learned three ways to hold the miaodao.

This was all basic knowledge of saber techniques, which if he didnt learn now, would hinder him later on.

Then, Qi Shaoqiu put on a sour face like that of a dead persons. "Later, you and my sister can go downtown to buy some things."

1"Buy what things?"

Roland didnt think about this, he just asked. He was quite satisfied with breakfast, and now that he was familiar with Qi Shaoqiu and Night Tide Sands, they could just barely be considered friends.

It was quite normal to help out a friend.

"The materials needed to make your protective gear. Night Tide Sands is a girl, so you can help her carry some materials and things of that sort."

1I see then I really should accompany Night Tide Sands to the city center.

As they were speaking, a pickup truck drove to the side of the cement floor and started honking its horns.

Roland turned around and saw that Night Tide Sands was actually the one sitting in the drivers seat.

"How are your driving skills?" Roland walked up to the car.

Night Tide Sands took a glance at him and turned her eyes toward the front again, her tone somewhat unhappy. "Youre like those chauvinistic swine online that look down upon female drivers?"

1"I didnt mean that."

Although Night Tide Sands tone wasnt very pleasant, after their time together, Roland knew that Night Tide Sands was cold on the surface but soft on the inside, so he didnt care about it at the moment. Instead, he circled around the car and sat in the passenger seat.

After he got in the car, he discovered that Night Tide Sands was wearing a white minidress. This stunned Roland a little.

Previously, Night Tide Sands always wore long sleeves and long trousers, slightly more conservative attire.

This was the first time Roland saw her wear a dress.

Night Tide Sands was quite fair to begin with. Now that she wore all white, she appeared even more like the snow in the heavenly mountains.

Roland circled his gaze around Night Tide Sands once before withdrawing it.

Night Tide Sands miniskirt was the relatively slim-fit kind.

Although Rolands gaze stopped on Night Tide Sands for less than two seconds, Night Tide Sands ears still turned slightly red.

She hurriedly started the pickup truck, using the rumbling sound of the engine to conceal the sound of her rapid heartbeat.

Under the shade of the large shed, Qi Shaoqiu watched as the pickup truck drove off. He let out a long sigh. "Thecabbage1at home is going to be dug out by a fat pig"