Mages Are Too Op Chapter 93

Chapter 93 A Strange Atmosphere

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A young girl driving a pickup truck looked strange no matter what.

3There was a strong smell of gasoline inside the car, but gradually, the smell disappeared, leaving only a faint scent of osmanthus around Roland.

2This made Rolands passenger experience extraordinarily comfortable.

The pickup truck was driving quite slowly. Roland looked at Night Tide Sands and discovered that she seemed somewhat nervous.

Was it because she didnt usually drive?

1This was understandable.

A female driver who hadnt been on the road much, it was no wonder she was nervous.Wait Im in danger now.

2Now it was Rolands turn to be nervous. He looked at Night Tide Sands and saw that her face, which was as white as jade, was slightly red.

Was this because she was too nervous?

Roland instinctively looked at his own bodythe seat belt was fastenedand then he unobtrusively grabbed the safety handle on the right.

Fortunately, things didnt go as he had feared. Night Tide Sands drove the pickup a little slowly but steadily.

Neither of them spoke. Half an hour later, the truck stopped in front of a shop.

Roland finally breathed a sigh of relief when he jumped out and planted his feet on the ground.

This was a sporting goods store with a retro name, Red Star Sporting Goods.

3An old man smoking a water pipe sat in a rocking chair in front of the shophe was on cloud nine.

Upon hearing the noise, the old man with grizzled hair looked up and squinted as he saw Night Tide Sands and Roland jump out of the pickup truck.

"Senior Uncle Yu, here I come again to buy some rope and thick bamboo sheets." Night Tide Sands walked up to the old man, her tone quite different from usual, seeming considerably gentle.

The old man put down the yellowing water pipe in his hands. He sized up Night Tide Sands for a moment and cracked a smile. "Its the first time Ive seen you wear a skirt. It looks quite nice."

Then, his gaze shifted to Roland. "Is this your boyfriend?"

1Night Tide Sands ears turned slightly red, but she said in quite a calm manner, "No, hes just our newly recruited student. Hes here to help me carry some things."

This old man called Senior Uncle Yu stood up, his sallow, wrinkled face appearing quite happy as he smiled. "This is also the first time youve had a man help you with work. This is how it should be. Girls should treat themselves better. Dont be too stubborn and try to do everything on your own."

1"No, my brother often helps." Night Tide Sands glanced at Roland, and seeing that he didnt have much of a reaction, she felt a little relieved. She then went on to tell the old man, "Well, Senior Uncle Yu, save the small talk. I still have something urgent to attend to laterfirst, give me the things I asked for."

"Sure, follow me," the old man said with an understanding smile, his hands cupped behind his back.

3When the three of them were about to enter the store, the sharp, clear sound of something breaking came from not too far behind them. A small white car parked in front of the shop and then a proud and formidable woman got out of the car.

When Roland saw this person, he was surprised for a moment.

He recognized this woman, Club President Jin of the boxing club.

1His eyes narrowed slightly; he also felt somewhat awkward at the same time.

After Jin Wenwen got out of the car, she saw Roland right away. Her eyes looked slightly surprised, then she smiled.

Find nothing searching high and low, yet stumbling across what youre looking for.

Some time ago, Jin Wenwen had been searching for Roland constantly, but she found no leads. She never imagined bumping into him at this place.

Night Tide Sands also saw Jin Wenwen, and her expression was instantly somewhat displeased.

Roland saw this out of the corner of his eyes. He found it somewhat strange.

Although Jin Wewen was a beauty, she had the imposing manner of a man when she walked. She walked up to the two of them, looked them both over, and said with a smile, "I never expected to see two acquaintances."

1Two acquaintances? Night Tide Sands looked at Roland, showing a puzzled look.

Roland nodded. "Its been some time since weve last met, Club President Jin."

Regarding this woman, he didnt have any favorable impressions, and of course, he didnt have any negative impressions either.

"Why havent you come to train these days?" Jin Wenwen looked curiously at Rolandthere was even an interrogative look in her eyes.

1This woman seemed to be habitually aggressive. There was a commanding tone within her words. She did this both intentionally and not.

Upon hearing this, Roland felt somewhat uncomfortable. He replied slowly, "You guys dont have anything to teach me, right?"

1His tone sounded peaceful, but the rhetorical message was quite clear. Jin Wenwen slightly frowned; she wasnt used to men of the same age talking to her like this.

On the side, Night Tide Sands found an opportunity to interject. "Do you guys know each other?"

Roland nodded. "Yes, I learned boxing at Club President Jins boxing club for a while."

"Oh." Night Tide Sands suddenly realized. "So you learned your boxing skills from them. You learned quite well, even my big brother says he isnt your match empty-handed. It seems Club President Jin taught with great care."

1At this moment, Night Tide Sands smiled, which she rarely did, but it felt feigned.

As one of the few "physical skills" clubs in the city, Night Tide Sands knew Jin Wenwen, and Jin Wenwen naturally knew that Qi familys miaodao arts were quite impressive.

At this moment, Roland started to feel that the atmosphere was a little strange.

Jin Wenwen considered Night Tide Sands expression for a while, then swept her eyes between Roland and Night Tide Sands. Finally, she smiled smugly. "Yes, I almost taught him all my most valuable skills. In the end, he ran off after learning them. Dont you think hes irresponsible?"

1Night Tide Sands expression started to become somewhat sullen.

Roland didnt quite understand confrontation between women. Although he was a die-hard sciences man, his emotional quotient wasnt low, and he could read the atmosphere. He immediately said, "Club President Jin speaks rather ambiguously. Do you speak like that to all men?"

Night Tide Sands was slightly startled, her expression no longer cold and indifferent.

On the other hand, Jin Wenwen frowned again, this time more deeply than before.

A few words broke through the strange atmosphere, and he immediately set his standpoint on the same front as Night Tide Sands.

"Im only joking. Youre overreacting." Jin Wenwen feigned a helpless look.

"We dont know each other well enough to take a joke," Roland replied indifferently.

3This woman was after the immersive cabin in his house, and neither her tone nor attitude was goodhe didnt need to feign civility with her.

Then, he shifted his gaze toward Night Tide Sands. "Lets go get the stuff. I have some things to take care of later."

"Okay!" The corner of Night Tide Sands lips raised slightly.

Meanwhile, watching from the side, Senior Uncle Yu was grinning from ear to ear. His smile almost wrinkled his face into a butthole.

2Before he turned around and entered the shop, he gave a look that said "all men understand," seeming rather like a compliment.

Roland felt baffled at this. He felt that Senior Uncle Yu seemed to be hinting at something but he couldnt figure out what.

1Out of the way, Jin Wenwen watched them work.

Roland and Night Tide Sands ignored her, loaded several heavy bags of thick bamboo onto the back of the pickup truck, and drove away.

Jin Wenwen took out a slim cigarette, took a puff, and said to the old man, "Senior Uncle Yu, Im here to buy some tincture for bruises and to improve blood circulation."