Mages Are Too Op Chapter 94

Chapter 94 The Game Officials Are Formidable And Assertive

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Night Tide Sands was in a very good mood. She even drove a little faster.

After returning to the miaodao club, Roland helped unload a few bags of bamboo sheets, declined Qi Shaoqius invitation to eat lunch, and rode a public bike home.

Qi Shaoqiu looked at his younger sister, somewhat confused, and asked, "After being out and about with your sweetheart, even your moods different?"

1Night Tide Sands blushed, turned around, and ignored her brother.

Qi Shaoqiu felt even more heartbroken. He couldnt even maintain the dead fish eyes expression unique to a venerable recluse.

4Roland returned home, opened the games official website, and found that the game officials issued an announcement as expected.

Just as he had anticipated, the officials completely ignored the reports of players who purposefully stirred up trouble.

The game producers even directly wrote these words on the announcement.

"Everything that the player Roland does in the game is consistent with the rules of the game, and to reiterate, everything is consistent with the rules of the game. This games world is open and interactive, there are no fixed processesall roads lead to Rome. Players can use a variety of ways to meet the quest requirements set by the games system, as long as they are abilities, methods, or skills of the game. We cant punish a normal player. In addition, some players are clamoring to leave if Roland is not punished. At such words, we are quite disheartened, sad, and aggrieved Except thats not all true! We are not disheartened, but we actually want to laugh. You want to leave the game, go ahead. We will be very considerate and send people with a car to recover the game cabin. We still have the same words: well give a full refund! Then, well sell it to anxiously waiting players who are willing to pay a high price."

3These words could be said to be extremely arrogant and extremely assertive.

Roland already expected the game producers to give a similar reply, but when he personally saw these words, he was no longer worried.

After all, current society allocated things based on noisewhoever cried the loudest would be the one who received privileges.

2The game producers actions instantly made him a fan of theirs.

However, the forum was overturned.

The Most Official Cheeky Statement Directly Rebuking Players, Completely Unprecedented.

Are the Game Producers Retards? To Offend Several Major Guilds for a Single Player?

Waiting for the Game Producers to Swallow Their Words.

1Although I Dont Agree With the Threat of Leaving the Game, Its Too Much for the Officials to Rebuke Players.

There were large amounts of threads similar to this upon refreshing the page.

There were also a few posts from rational players, but they all got lost in the posting frenzy.

The number of posts was absolutely terrifying.

Roland felt that something was wrong. The atmosphere gave him the feeling that a storm was coming.

And at this moment, his phone rang. The caller ID was 11 zeros.

Roland took a deep breath. He knew who it was.

The call connected, and Ma Huajuns voice sounded through the receiver."Roland, theres no need to be nervous or afraid. Were on your side in this matter. All you need to do is rest well, do nothing, take a good nap, and continue playing the game at night."

3Roland had wanted to ask what was happening, but after hearing this, he swallowed the words back into his stomach.

Then, the call ended, and listening to the beeping tone, Roland laughed helplessly. He then went to eat lunch with his parents, sat down and rested for a while, and took a nap.

Across the distant shore, a blond-haired, blue-eyed middle-aged man hooted, "All of you, post, post with everything youve got. You can even use automated software to do so or copy and paste. A single forum reply for 0.2 bald eagledollars1work more gain more. Remember to reply with the main points: you must say they do things without scruples, no service for the players, no intention of treating players as gods. At the same time, lead the netizens to heckle, guide the discussion, to let the gaming company hand over the game development and the monitoring rights to the public scrutinylead them to say things like the public should have the right to know, especially with this kind of time-surpassing technology.’"

2And around this middle-aged man, there were a lot of black-haired and yellow-skinned people in front of monitors, diligently operating computers, each and every one of them drenched with sweat.

Similar situations were happening in secret locations of many countries.

1Of course, these things were unrelated to Roland. After he took an afternoon nap, he woke up to discover that the forums had collapsed.

Penguin Corporations server was currently the worlds strongest They used blade servers, which many countries gaming corporations used, but there were none that had as many as Penguin Corporation. The number of blade servers that Penguin Corporation owned was a little more than that of the sum of all the other gaming corporations.

2If even a server of this scale collapsed, one could only imagine how great of a data attack Penguin Corporation suffered.

However, since the game authorities made a special phone call, Roland was too lazy to pay any more attention to this matter.

1Thinking that it was only mid-afternoon and not even close to ten in the evening, he called Schuck.

Schuck also seemed to have just woken up; his voice seemed weary."Youre too famous now. Come to the usual place."

Not much needed to be said between close friends. Roland immediately hung up and rode a bike to the bar.

Schuck and Betta were already inside the booth, and the rest of them had no time to come because they either had work or children to take care of.

Currently, the three of them had the most amount of free time.

Schuck simply didnt need to work. Right now, he was just a pretty boy being supported by his wife and the head of a family with a strong say in things.

School still hadnt started for Betta.

Roland sat down, grabbed a watermelon, and started to eat it.

Schuck clicked his tongue. "Even the officials have spoken for you, how impressive. This is the second time, right?"

Betta nodded. "Its the second time."

Roland said helplessly, "Id rather not be in such a limelight!"

"Although it doesnt suit your personality, its still a good thing," Schuck said with a smile. "The more famous you are, the more famous F6 will be in the future."

1Roland certainly didnt like such meaningless fame, but if such fame was beneficial to F6, to their small group, he wouldnt resist receiving fame.

"Enough about me, how are things on your side going?" Roland asked.

Schuck sipped on Red Bull and said, "All right, just a few too many rulescant do this, cant do thatIts a little problematic for someone so negligent like me. It feels restricting."

2"What level are you now?"

"Level five," Schuck said, somewhat self-satisfied. "Its relatively easier for professions of god to obtain experiencejust pray every day. For some reason, my praying efficiency is unusually high. Praying for half an hour every day, I can receive at least one hundred points of experience. Im currently the fastest progressing Saint Samurai; even the pope was alarmed. That busy man opened up half a day just to have a conversation with me."

1Roland looked at Schucks overly handsome, seemingly increasingly handsome face and said, "Why is your praying efficiency so high, you ask? Dont you have a little bit of a clue?"

"Hahahahaha!" Schuck laughed wildly, utterly smug as he very narcissistically posed as an assertive lady-killer.

Rolands face almost twisted in bitterness, while Betta directly stuck up the middle finger of his right hand.