Mages Are Too Op Chapter 95

Chapter 95 The Attitudes Of Players

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He talked idly with his two friends at the cold bar until around eight at night. He rode home slowly on a bike.

After he showered, there was still around one hour before the servers opened. Roland habitually opened the game forums and discovered that the collapsed forums had already been fixed.

Players were still furious, but there were a lot less sheep-herding posts, and posts containing rational discussions were gradually starting to appear. There were already many people who were speaking for Roland.

Roland let out a slight sigh of relief. He started to search for strategy posts in the forums.

This time he focused on insight posts about selections of class sub-branches at level five. Now the majority of players who reached level five were of the warrior class.

This class was simple and rough. There was no need to overthink things: simply learn a basic military sword technique and fight. They had powerful vitality and strength, and even without equipment, they could wrestle with monsters. If they had good equipment, they would be ridiculously strong.

For example, Principal Huang had a set of low-level magic equipment, learned basic military sword arts, and a convenient slashing specialty, and so he was able to cut down werebears, goblins, and other evil creatures in the forest like vegetables.

These monsters couldnt even break through his armor. Principal Huang would upload his own battle videos every day. He was quite high-profile.

Eliminating monsters quickly, having strong survivability, and completing quests highly efficiently, ones leveling speed would naturally be fast.

Comparatively, Mages were pitiful Although they could level up by learning spells, were spells easy to learn?

And learning magic was a very dangerous matter. Any mistake could result in a head explosion suicide.

Currently, the average level of mages was level two, Roland being the highest. Only after completing one main dungeon quest was he approaching level five.

Although there were no strategy guides for mage class sub-branches at level five, he could check out the other classes and borrow insights to help make his own choice.

After reading for a while, Roland suddenly remembered to put the derivative spell model of Language Proficiency on the forums and @ the deputy director at a data center, explaining his doubts and asking him to help take a look. He wanted to combine Language Proficiency and Character Proficiency, but he always fell one step short, unable to find the crucial point.

After publishing the model, Roland looked at the time. It was almost ten at night, so he changed into pajamas and lay down inside the immersive cabin.

Shortly, the gray game world brightened and the frozen time flowed again.

Roland went outside the city and found Hawk, who was still commanding the beggars.

The construction site was in full swing and almost everyone was working, shouting work chants. There were also blue Hands of Magic that floated around carrying heavy objects.

And Roland discovered that the number of workers seemed to have increased a little.

"It seems like you guys are progressing smoothly" Roland laughed.

Hawk looked at the dozen single-story houses that had been built and smiled gratifyingly. "Its on the right track. But with more people, the more food we consume, and we dont have a stable source of food So, where are your gold coins?"

"Here, eight gold coins." Roland took them out from his Backpack and handed them over to Hawk.

Hawk took a brief glance and stored the gold coins into his Backpack. Then he said, "When the game time is over today, Ill transfer the money through the forums, at market price as usual."

Roland was somewhat happy that another hundred thousand soft girl coins were going into his account.

Only when people have money will they have the confidence to do things, and do them with ease.

1Roland, who was in high spirits, continued, "Theres another matter Ive come over for this time."

"Say it, Ill definitely help you if I can."

"Help me monitor the mayors son John."

Hawks hand trembled for a moment. Hawk turned to look at Roland and asked in a low voice, "What are the odds that its him?"

"At least fifty percent." Roland lowered his voice and said, "At first, I didnt suspect him, but he has done too many petty little things."

"I see." Hawk nodded in response. "Ill send some shrewd beggars along the main roads to keep an eye out for Johns movements."

"Sorry to trouble you."

"Youre welcome. It was your idea to recruit beggars as assistance, I should be the one thanking you." Hawk looked at the sky and suddenly had a gloomy look on his face." John is the mayors son. What are you going to do if its him?"

"What else can I do? Run up recklessly from the front and beat him to death." The numerous skeletons in the cave made Roland feel uncomfortable even now. "The real murderer does not deserve to live in this world."

1"The mayor of the city is different from the little nobles I dealt with before. When his army comes back, there will be thousands of regular soldiers."

"Im still killing him. Well just leave the city afterward."

1Hawk smiled. "Count me in."

Roland shook his head. "No, this is my mission."

Hawks expression was quite bitter at this moment. "You dont think of me as a friend?"

"Just an acquaintance, not a friend."

1Upon hearing this, Hawks expression suddenly became twisted, not in indignation, but in disappointment with a little bit of distress.

Seeing his appearance, Roland immediately said, "Just kidding, its just that its not suitable for you to act recklessly again."

"What makes you say that?"

"Betta and I have nothing to worry about. Well leave after the kill. If the mayor is that mighty, then he can chase us all over the world. Even if we are killed, we can come back to life. It doesnt matter." Roland patted Hawk on the shoulder and explained, "But youre different. You are now the leader of a small group. If youre involved in this, and the mayor investigates you, you can revive or walk away. However, these beggars whove found a new way of life, or in other words, normal people, what will they do? There is no way they can come back to life."

1Hawk rubbed his face and said somewhat disappointedly, "I understand. Ill distance myself from you at all costs, then."

"As it should be."

Soon after, Roland called over Vivian and the other magic apprentices, and said, "You guys can go back to the Magic Tower now, but I personally hope that you can come and help if you have time. You can get money and train your magic control, killing two birds with one stone."

The magic apprentices naturally listened to Rolands instructions.

Roland and the other two frightened Bard so terribly yesterday. Roland thought that Bard wouldnt stir up any trouble for a while, so the apprentices could go back and continue living and studying at the Magic Tower.

When Roland returned to the Magic Tower with a group of magic apprentices, he discovered another group of people standing in front of the tower.

Bard, in gray magic robes, stepped forward to meet Roland with a dry smile. "Mr. Roland, lets begin the magic ownership review."

1Roland raised his eyebrows, rather surprised. "Youre actually willing to conduct a magic review? I thought you guys would take a lifetime to do so."

2Bard looked a little upset, but he smiled with difficulty. "How could that be! We always do things directly and efficiently."

1"Is that so?" Roland faked a smile.

The young noble next to him had so much pent-up anger that he wanted to step out and berate Roland, but he took a look at his friend and held back from doing so.