Mages Are Too Op Chapter 97

Chapter 97 Conducting Experiments Is Very Fun

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Although the Spell Puppet was slow, didnt deal much damage, and seemed to be easily smashed into pieces, Roland didnt mind.

Since entering the game, he had created many derivative spells, thus accumulating plenty of insights on spell variations. Speed, damage, and even physical resistance could all be optimized based on the combination of nodes in the spell model. However, there were limits to these optimizations, and after a certain point, it was very difficult to optimize, and it required a lot of effort or resources.

2His bold idea was to give Spell Puppets equipment.

Not equipment in the physical sense, but rather magic equipment.

1Since the spell puppet would inherit some of the summoners basic instincts and cognition, then the spell puppet would understand some of his basic instincts and knowledge.

1But this was just conjecture, the exact details would have to be tested to find out for sure.

Roland took a couple of steps back, looked at the barely human-shaped magical element, and gave his first command.

"Do a round of the seventh set of broadcast gymnastics."

The blue magic puppet stood in place, and the magic source at its head shimmered with light red. This was the Spell Puppets reaction to being unable to recognize the intent of the command.

Hm I cant seem to remember how to do the seventh set of broadcast gymnastics, does this have something to do with it?

"Boxing routine."

The blue light on the magic puppets head flared briefly, then it immediately began to throw punches on the spot.

2Roland observed for a while and found that although the magic puppet executed the boxing routine correctly, it followed a prescribed pattern to the letter, appearing somewhat inflexible.


The magic puppet didnt respond.

"Make the gesture of eating with chopsticks."

"High jump."

"Make a swimming posture."

Roland dispelled the magic puppet in front of him and summoned a new one.

Then, he issued out commands one by one again.

About three hours later, Rowland came to a simple conclusion.

Although the magic puppet inherited some of the casters basic cognition and knowledge, It was generally random. It was difficult to guarantee what skills the newly summoned magic puppet would have, but the deeper the impression of the casters knowledge or skill, the more likely it would be inherited.

Such a magic puppets awareness was too poor, and the inheritance of knowledge and skills were too random to meet Rolands requirements because using tools was something that required sufficient basic cognition.

1Therefore, it was necessary to transform the magic puppet to improve its cognitive ability and to enhance the breadth and depth of the knowledge it inherited from the summoner.

Because Rowland himself had majored in the writing and application of intelligent programs in university, he was very much in his element with this experiment.

2Although limited by the shallow structure of the spell model, he still quickly created a highly cognitive model of the magic puppet.

1Then, Roland performed a summoning experiment, in which a ridiculous amount of magic power was drawn out compared to before, and a magic puppet appeared in front of Roland.

This puppet was a bluish white, and inside its round head was an elemental core that seemed to pose as one of its eyes. It looked a little like a miniature titan.

"Boxing routine."

"Triple jump."

"Spin in circles!"

One by one, the white magic puppet executed each command perfectly.

1At this moment, Vivian came in. She looked at the magic puppet as it swayed in front of her eyes and did strange movements. A confused expression showed on her smooth face as she turned and asked, "Deputy Chairman, this is a Spell Puppet, right? Why isnt it blue and acting so strangely, like a lunatic?"

Rolands face twisted as he heard this.

The white magic doll inherited his knowledge of the world, and if it looked like a lunatic, then he was probably not far from it.

2This young girl really didnt know how to speak properly.

Roland coughed lightly and said, "This is the new derivative spell I fixed up. It certainly is a type of Spell Puppet, but its very different from normal puppets."

Vivian looked at the white puppet and asked, "Whats the difference?"

"Its smarter and understands our intentions more easily." Roland thought for a moment and said, "Well, you definitely dont have a direct impression just from hearing thisyoull understand when I show you an experiment Spell Puppet, dance."

Upon hearing Rolands command, the magic puppet started to move, but instead of dancing immediately, it first formed a light ball in its own hands!

1Roland was stunned for a moment. Could this puppet possibly know the new gymnastics dance? He did watch several new gymnastics competitions some time ago. Those ladies in tights were so energetic that he really couldnt take his eyes off them.

2However, beyond Rolands expectations, the white puppet didnt do the gymnastics dance, instead, it dribbled the light ball between its legs with intensity, quite rhythmically.

Vivian looked on at a loss.

Roland was already beginning to think something was wrong.

Then, the puppet spun the ball around, threw it aside, turned its back on them, and began to make strange postures, shaking its right shoulder up and down, looking extremely strange.

Vivian looked on with wide eyes.

At last, the puppet turned around again, with its left hand over its crotch and its right hand pointing aggressively at Roland, as it swayed back and forth, dancing with a devilishstride1

F**kRoland suddenly slapped himself on the forehead. Hed watched too many comedic remix videos some time ago.

2Vivian blushed and left. She couldnt help but feel that the Deputy Chairman deliberately made the puppet do those obscene movements.

She didnt mind if something happened between her and the Deputy Chairman, but it was still daytime.

2Roland flicked his fingers and dispelled the white puppet that was jumping up and down, with its left hand on its crotch and its right hand waving like a monkey, doing a strange dance.

Then, he sighed and sat down in a nearby chair.

Sigh, Im exhausted!

Although Roland embarrassed himself in front of Vivian, he was fairly certain that the magic puppet being able to do this dance routine indicated its inheritance of an abundant amount of knowledge from his past and that its cognitive ability was high.

1Then all that was left was to conduct the equipment experiment.

Roland summoned a new magic puppet, and transformed Hand of Magic into a magic pike and placed it into the magic puppets hands.

Then, Roland pointed at the wooden figure ahead and said, "attack it."

The white puppet walked over, and when it was one meter away from the wooden figure, it stepped forward forcefully with its right leg, and then the pike, like a dragon, instantly pierced the wooden figure and shattered it into pieces.

1Rolands eyes lit up at the sight of this.

But before he could rejoice, the white puppet suddenly burst into pieces and transformed into magic elements again.

All that was left of the scene was a long blue magic pike floating in midair.

Too fragile It seems that in addition to cognitive ability, its resistance also needs to be fortified.

If its resistance was strengthened, then its basic speed and strength also had to be strengthened. This would be a large undertaking.

Roland rubbed his chin, his eyes alight with excitement.