Mages Are Too Op Chapter 99

Chapter 99 Scoring Off

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Hawk, Roland, and Betta left.

The crowd of beggars and commoners dispersed, leaving only the gesticulating nobles at a distance. These well-dressed high-class figures let out boisterous waves of laughter from time to time.

It seemed that the death of the young nobleman had given them great pleasure.

Roland looked for a moment at the small group of nobles, sighed a little, and then walked to the front of the two young nobles.

Watching the two teens cry bitterly as they held the body of their eldest brother in their arms, Roland waited until they had no more strength to cry, no more tears to shed, and said slowly, "What family are you guys from? Where are your parents?"

The young nobleman had been dead for a long time now, and even his two younger brothers had come running to him. There was no reason why their parents wouldnt have heard the news.

Upon hearing Rolands words, the boys looked up at him.

The older boy had anger in his eyes, but not much hatred.

But the other boy, staring at Roland for a moment, his eyes, red from crying, was full of hatred and rage.

Suddenly, he stood up and threw himself at Roland, shouting furiously, "Ill kill you, slaughterer!"

Roland stretched out his leg and kicked the boy back down, turning him over and over.

1This young noble was just an ordinary person. Although Roland was a mage, he was now level four and even though the growth of his constitution attribute was much lower than that of warriors, he was much stronger than a normal person.

His reaction was also faster than a normal persons.

After the boy was kicked back, he lay prone on the ground and stared blankly for a while, then wailed in pain and hammered the ground forcefully with his fists, doing so until his skin tore open.

The other boy took one look at his younger brother, then turned to face Roland. "Please, Sir, allow us to collect the remains of our eldest brother. If you have time come quietly to our house later in the night. I have something to tell you."

1When saying those last few words, the boy was very, very quiet, and his lips almost didnt seem to move.

However, Roland heard it.

Now thats interestingRoland pretended to hear nothing and turned to leave.

The nobles were still having a good laugh off to the side. When Roland passed by, the nobles lowered their voices but their repulsive smiles still didnt cease.

1Roland didnt want to deal with this group of people. After all, they were not of the same world, spiritually or physically.

1But just as Roland was about to pass this group, he heard a voice. It was so low that he could just barely hear it. This seemed to be done on purpose.

"Do you really think youre the emissary of justice? The life of the untouchables, not even worth a silver coin, are they really worth fighting so desperately for?"

1Roland stopped and turned to look at the noble who was speaking.

It was a rather haughty young man.

Roland curled his finger at him. "Come out!"

1"I wont come out. Would you dare hurt me in front of so many people?" The young noble said the most cowardly words with the most arrogant attitude!

1Roland recognized the meaning of the young nobles words: apart from the nobles, all other people werent human.

Moreover, he seemed to think that Roland wouldnt dare act violently given the presence of so many nobles.

1To act out on the spot would be not giving face to the other nobles.

To put it crudely, it would be trampling on the dignity of the noble class.

Roland laughed lightly.

When he was still a high school student, he dared to beat up a "hoodlum" in front of his teacher. He, Schuck, and the other four childhood friends also used to fight against the senior student hoodlums.

In that peaceful, even overly regulated society, he dared to strike out in anger.

In this lawless, even extremely primitive game world, how could he be more cowardly and more tolerating than he was in the real world?

1After he chuckled, he raised his hand.

A small fireball instantly scorched the young noblemans arrogant face, and after the sound of an explosion, the young noble was rolling on the ground, wailing in pain.

Roland reduced the magic power of the small fireball, making it less powerful, and the strength of its explosion was about that of a slightly larger firecracker.

But even so, it shocked the young nobleman excruciatingly. After all, there were quite a lot of pain receptors on the face, and the skin was quite fragile there.

"Ah, I cant see!"

"My face hurts!"

"Someones committing murder, help!"

The young noble let out a cowardly scream, quite embarrassingly.

1"How could you"

One of the more mature-looking nobles seemed to want to scold Roland, but Rolands fake-smiling eyes swept past and the man immediately shut up.

Rolands gaze swept over the nobles, and no one dared to look him in the eye. The Mental Deterrence specialty was already in effect.

Roland, somewhat amused, walked up to the young noble, who was still on the ground writhing and wailing, his hands covering his face. He looked down on him and said, "The life of an untouchable is not worth a silver coin in your eyes, and similarly, your life is not even worth a few coppers in my eyes. Im in a bad mood today. If you jump out and talk ambiguously behind my back, dont blame me for hurting you."

The young nobleman on the ground trembled. He hid his face and didnt dare to scream anymore.

Having said this, Roland glanced around at the surrounding nobles, and still, no one dared to look him in the eyes.

Roland turned and left.

After he left, a male nobleman, with somewhat graying hair, quivered with rage. "Arrogant, too arrogant. Hes trampling us into the mud. Are we going to let the Golden Sons ride roughshod over us? Before, they dared to kill an entire family, and now there are more and more of them, and one day he will come after us."

1"So what can we do?" A nobleman smiled and asked, "Why dont you lead us to fight against them, Sir?"

Upon hearing this, the gray-haired nobleman immediately shut up and stopped talking.

1Only an idiot would charge at the forefront!

Roland walked down the street, and people still moved out of the way when they saw him.

Roland wasnt used to it before, for he always felt a strange awkwardness. But after two months, he no longer found this strange and he was quite accustomed to it.

Roland was in a much better mood nowwhen people are depressed, they really should get some exercise to feel better.

After returning to the Magic Tower, Roland gathered all the magic apprentices.

Apart from Vivian, all the other magic apprentices had deep, dark circles under their eyes. One could imagine how hard they had been practicing.

Roland gave a slight cough and said, "Youve all learned Hand of Magic, you can save the practice for derivative spells for later. Theres a degree of difficulty for you guys, after all. Now Ill teach you guys another level-zero trick, the Spell Puppet."

If it were in any other Magic Towers and the instructor only taught level-zero tricks, the magic apprentices wouldnt say anything aloud, but they would definitely harbor some objections inside.

Here, however, all the magic apprentices already knew how impressive Roland was at "creating" magic. There were six types of derivative spells from Hand of Magic, each of which was quite practical.

So, if Deputy Chairman Roland wanted to teach them Spell Puppets now, it presumably also had many derivative spells.

They were going to learn it without a doubt.

Everyone took out their precious notebooks.