My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Disgust

“Okay, be careful when you’re driving on the road later.”


Zhong Qianqian was too embarrassed to continue the conversation as she was worried that Aiden might be displeased with her. Although she was reluctant to hang up, she forced out the words, “So that’s all, I’ll hang up now.”

“Qianqian, hold on.”

Zhong Qianqian was stopped by Aiden just when she was about to hang up the call.


Aiden sounded slightly uneasy on the other end. After coughing twice, he asked, “I’d like to ask what color is the gown that you’ll be wearing today. Is it the maroon one that I bought with you the other day?”


“Then I’ll wear a maroon-colored suit as well. This way, everyone can tell at a glance that I’m your partner.”

Zhong Qianqian could not help laughing at Aiden’s reply. “You want to wear maroon as well? Let me imagine what you’d look like in a maroon suit! Hmm Oh my goodness, Aiden! I realize that it doesn’t matter what color the suit is as your good looks will make any suit look great on you!”

Zhong Qianqian imitated the way celebrities spoke. She used an exaggerated voice and tone to pretend that she was very good at socializing. She wanted it to seem as if she had no qualms about being in a relationship with a foreigner.

Hearing the way she spoke, Aiden and Selina who were on the other end of the phone could not help but shudder. They both looked as if they had just seen a ghost.

“In my eyes, you’re the prettiest. I’m only a leaf. Anything I wear is just to accentuate your looks. Qianqian, I’ll hang up now. Wait for me.”

Aiden flirted with Qianqian one last time. He could not care less about his manners and hurriedly hung up the phone.

After the phone call, Aidenw as looking like a baked sweet potato that had been ravaged by a hundred flies. His expression showed his disgust…

“Don’t you feel disgusted?” asked Selina.

“I do!” Aiden threw his phone aside as if it was carrying a plague.

“It was so disgusting to see you flirt with her like that. You have such a strong gut.”

“If you don’t lift them high enough, then they won’t hurt when they fall! Big Boss had treated their family so well, but they repaid her so badly. Even if it’s not our turn to teach them a lesson, it’s good to help Big Boss out!”

“You’re right. Try your best for Big Boss! Where shall we go now?”

“An internet cafe?”

Selina smiled. “Let’s go!”

Zhong Qianqian looked at her phone, completely unaware that she was being stood up. She could no longer hide her delight as a glowing smile spread widely across her face.

When she had called Aiden in the past, he would only answer one out of every five calls. When it came to texts, he would reply one out of ten texts.

When that happened, she had felt very stressed and remained in a bad mood.

She had completely lost it earlier when she thought about how well Chi Yang was treating Zhong Nuannuan. He had even purchased a 7.5-million Yuan gown for her.

Now, however, Aiden’s single phone call had returned all of Zhong Qianqian’s confidence.

He had said that she was the prettiest and that everything he wore was to highlight her beauty.

He definitely liked her, there was no question about it. He must have been unable to answer her calls previously because he was too busy.

After all, his role was much nobler than even the head of Jiang District.

Zhong Qianqian was completely dazed by Aiden’s phone call. She had forgotten that if Aiden was usually busy, then his weekends would be even busier. This was because most people only shopped on weekends.

“Qianqian, who were you speaking to on the phone earlier?” Xue Miqi could not help but ask curiously.

Zhong Qianqian blushed. “Nobody, just an admirer. I might even accept him.”