My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 101

Chapter 101: Zhong Qianqians Window

“What kind of person is he? Is he more outstanding than Chi Yang? Qianqian, don’t give up on such an outstanding man like Chi Yang so easily. Men like him in the whole of Camino are already as scarce as hen’s teeth.”

Zhong Qianqian smiled shyly. “Miqi, you know that I’m not a person who likes to contend with others”

“That doesn’t mean that you should just hand over your own boyfriend to her! Do you know what you’d be missing out on if you give up on Chi Yang?”

Zhong Qianqian’s smile widened. “Miqi, sometimes when God closes a door for you, he opens a window. Nuannuan had snatched my boyfriend away from me, and I reckon that God couldn’t tolerate that, so he found a good man for me. The other party is the one pursuing me this time. I haven’t even accepted him yet.”

Xue Miqi’s lips curled. “What kind of person is he? What does his family work as?” In short, she felt that nobody in this world could be more outstanding than Chi Yang.

“I don’t know about his family, but he’s quite a good person. Do you know about Tianheng Holdings?”

“Does anyone not know about Tianheng Holdings? It’s the most luxurious department store in Jiang District. Why? Is he an executive at Tianheng Holdings?”

“I guess he counts as one.” Zhong Qianqian nodded.

Xue Miqi pouted. “Although an executive is not bad, how can he be compared to Chi Yang”

“He is the general manager of Tianheng Holdings.”

Xue Miqi was shocked!

Xue Miqi widened her eyes as she studied Zhong Qianqian’s face to see if there were any signs of her lying.

After a while, Xue Miqi spoke with a trembling voice, “Qianqian, you You aren’t joking with me, right? The general manager of Tianheng Holdings? How can this be possible?! Tianheng Holdings That’s a super large enterprise placed in the top 100 on the list of international companies. He definitely also has an international and rich family background, right?”

Zhong Qianqian was in sheer pleasure over what Xue Miqi said. “The person pursuing me is the vice-president and general manager of Tianheng Holdings International, Aiden.”

As she watched the envious look on Xue Miqi’s face, Zhong Qianqian felt immensely proud of herself.

“Hey, you might not know this, but the chairman of Tianheng International is basically just a figurehead. All duties are managed by Aiden alone. He’s a busy bee and usually has no time to accompany me at all. That’s why I’m quite hesitant on whether I should accept him or not.”

“Qian Qianqian, how did you get to know such an awesome person?”

Zhong Qianqian’s mood flourished when she saw Xue Miqi’s eyes almost bursting with curiosity and envy. She exaggerated the incident from the other day.

“…As a result, Tianheng International’s vice-chairman was in charge of carrying shopping bags for my mother and me while Jiang District branch’s general manager became our full-time shopping guide. The two of them had even gotten over 20 executives to trail behind us. No matter which boutique we entered, the store manager would bring his staff along to greet us. But my mom She was so stingy that she only bought me a gown worth 750,000 Yuan!” Zhong Qianqian covered her face, speechless.

“Miqi, are you okay? Why aren’t you speaking? Who do you think is better, Aiden or Chi Yang? To be honest, I really like Chi Yang a lot. I grew up in a military family, and have an intrinsic preference for soldiers. I also know that it’s extremely hard to find a man like Chi Yang in Camino. If it had not been for Nuannuan”

“Change! Qianqian, change! Are you dumb? A man like Chi Yang is extremely rare in Camino, but a man like Aiden is a worldwide rarity!”