My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Introduce Him To Me

“Qianqian, you You really hit the jackpot. I can’t believe that you’re hooking up with the vice-chairman of Tianheng Holdings! He’s from an international rich family!”

Zhong Qianqian pretended to hesitate. “We’ll discuss this again. I’ll have to judge his performance first.”

Zhong Qianqian brought Xue Miqi to the liquor and beverage area and handed her a glass of cocktail. “Try this, this wine has a low alcohol content. It’s good for your skin and very suitable for ladies.”

Xue Miqi tried a sip. Her eyes lit up. “This is super delicious! Where did you buy this type of wine from? I want my father to buy some for our home as well.”

“You can’t buy this outside. Do you see the RVs over there? Everyone inside are top chefs from Lijing Mansion. These low-alcoholic cocktails were specially formulated by the hotel’s top bartender. You should drink more if you like it!”

“Lijing Mansion? Is it the same Lijing Mansion that had just opened in Jiang District? The best of all five-star hotels? You’ve brought all the top chefs from Lijing Mansion over here just for a family feast?”

“Yes. Why, what’s wrong with that?”

“I heard that the boss of Lijing Mansion is from Emperor District! Did Aiden arrange all this for you?”

Zhong Qianqian was startled. She had not been aware of Lijing Mansion’s background. Was the owner actually from Emperor District?

Chi Yang had arranged for these people to come over and help organize the banquet, so Chi Yang was also from Emperor District?

Xue Miqi had tried very hard to marry into a rich family. Instead of actually studying, she would spend her days researching the rich families of Jiang District and the grudges they had against each other. She was basically a walking encyclopedia when it came to the rich families of Jiang District.

Hence, Zhong Qianqian believed her words.

Darn it!

Even with Aiden’s support, Zhong Qianqian still felt that she did not have much advantage over Zhong Nuannuan.

“These people were brought here by my mom. How can I let Aiden help out with such small matters? I’m not even his girlfriend yet.”

“Qianqian, I feel like you’re the happiest princess in the fairytale world. You have such an excellent family, and now you have such an honorable Prince Charming adoring you. You must’ve saved the whole universe in your past life!”

Zhong Qianqian smiled gently.

Her sense of superiority was greatly elevated by Xue Miqi.

“Erm Qianqian, I have a request, but I don’t know if I can voice it out.”

Zhong Qianqian only liked to show off, but she did not like helping others. Her eyes flashed a sign of impatience. She asked, “What?”

“Since you already have Aiden pursuing you, and you also intend to accept him, then Can you introduce me to Chi Yang?”

When Zhong Qianqian heard this, she got so agitated that she almost spat on her face.

Xue Miqi was so shameless.

With her ugly and repulsive appearance, how could she dare to think that Chi Yang would want her?

Zhong Qianqian was about to lose her temper, but she revisited that thought. Although she still could not bear to leave Chi Yang, how could she let Zhong Nuannuan have it easy? She knew that Xue Miqi would not be able to win Chi Yang over, but with her lowly tactics It would be good to add some obstacles for Zhong Nuannuan as well!

Zhong Qianqian slightly hesitated as she looked at Xue Miqi’s expectant face. “The reason I’m giving up on Chi Yang is because Chi Yang has already sent a marriage report to the military base. When Nuannuan turns eighteen, they will receive their marriage certificate. Don’t you mind?”

“I don’t mind! I don’t mind at all! You just need to introduce me to Chi Yang. You don’t have to worry about the rest. Is it okay, Qianqian?”

“Okay then. I can introduce you to him, but it’s up to you whether you succeed or not.”

“Thank you so much, Qianqian. I really love you so much!”