My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Chi Yang Appears

‘Didn’t Zhong Nuannuan manage to get together with Chi Yang only because she had drugged him and slept with him? Wasn’t he only with her out of guilt? When the time comes, I’ll drug Chi Yang and sleep with him too’

When she thought of this, Xue Miqi felt as though Chi Yang was already hers. Her eyes shone with impatience.

“Then Please entertain yourself first, I have to go greet the guests.”

“Sure, you can go ahead. Don’t worry about me.”

Xue Miqi felt extremely envious as she watched Zhong Qianqian become the center of attention. People surrounded her like stars around the moon. Zhong Qianqian’s parents were constantly introducing her to the wealthy families of Jiang District.

One day, she would also be able to stick her chin up so that those who had ever looked down on her could suck up to her!

Zhong Kuijun walked across the hall and greeted every guest. However, he only did so briefly. This went on until a group of people who were dressed in military attire appeared at the Zhong residence’s main entrance.

As soon as Zhong Kuijun saw them, he immediately went forward to greet them. He gave a standard military salute to the person standing in the center. “Welcome, commander-in-chief!”

Next, he saluted the chief of staff who was standing next to the commander-in-chief. He said once more, “Welcome, chief of staff Qu!”

Zhong Kuijun’s thick voice immediately caught the attention of the entire room. They now knew that the commander-in-chief of Zhong Kuijun’s military base had arrived.

When the ladies saw the man standing beside the two officers, their eyes lit up.

That man was just too handsome!

In general, soldiers in military attire looked more handsome and eye-catching than the average man. The attractiveness of that man standing in the distance was totally out of this world!

As for his epaulet…

A captain with four engraved moons!

A captain under the age of thirty?

If Zhong Kuijun had not greeted the two men beside him, everyone would have thought that this tall and handsome man was a fraudster.

Everyone’s jaws dropped further when Zhong Kuijun finally gave a military salute to the unearthly handsome man. “Welcome, chief of staff Chi!”

What, what?

This military officer was also a director-general?

Bear in mind, the average captain could not become a director-general. Those who could become a director-general were definitely not ordinary captain military officers!

Military base commander-in-chief Leng Jinpeng nodded at Zhong Kuijun. “Hello, Commander Zhong.”

“Hello, commander-in-chief Leng! It’s my honor to have you at my daughter’s welcome banquet.”

Zhong Kuijun’s complexion had already turned red from excitement. This was his first time standing so close to the commander-in-chief during a private occasion. While feeling honored, he was also slightly nervous.

Leng Jinpeng responded with ease. “The chief of staff and I were the ones who had approved the marriage report, but we’ve yet to meet this future military sister-in-law. Even if we have to risk watching some public displays of affection today, we still need to meet this girl who had managed to turn the steely Chi Yang into a softie.”

This was the first time that the commander-in-chief had joked with Zhong Kuijun. He laughed with joy. The chief of staff who was beside them joined in as well. The only person who had a serious expression on his face was Chi Yang. His attention was already focused on searching the banquet hall for the silhouette residing in his heart.

“I never thought that the commander-in-chief would be such a humorous person! Your appreciation of Nuannuan is her blessing. The Zhong family is greatly honored by the chief of staff and your gracious presence at this banquet!”

Leng Jinpeng was a man of action who had already seen his fill of bootlickers and flatterers, so he was dissatisfied at Zhong Kuijun’s comment. Chief of staff Qu immediately helped to mediate the situation and teased Chi Yang. “Your eyeballs have already fallen onto the banquet hall. Have you spotted her yet?”