My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Flattery

Commander-in-chief Leng Jinpeng also quipped, “Quickly introduce her to me once you’ve spotted her! You can’t get married to her without first letting me meet her. I heard that you’re not only the one who arranged for this luxurious banquet today, but also the person bearing the full costs. However, I’m counting this meal under Commander Zhong, so you have to treat me for a drink next time.”

“If you’re not afraid of death, you can drink as much as you want.”

“What are you talking about, kid!” Although the chief of staff was reprimanding him, his tone was obviously a teasing one.

The commander-in-chief felt that Chi Yang was taunting him. He glared at Chi Yang and said, “Are you underestimating me?”

Chi Yang’s expression remained solemn. He glanced at the commander-in-chief and said in a lukewarm tone, “I’m just telling the truth.”

As he watched the interaction between Chi Yang and Leng Jinpeng, Zhong Kuijun became increasingly curious about Chi Yang’s identity and background.

Leng Jinpeng had been transferred from Emperor District. The string-puller behind Lijing Mansion was the Xiao Family, one of the Four Dominant Families in Emperor District. Chi Yang appeared to have a good rapport with both Master Xiao and the commander-in-chief, so it could be deduced from this that Chi Yang’s background lies 100% in Emperor District.

Judging by how a mere captain like him had dared to speak to a commander-in-chief this way, it seemed that his family shared an extremely close relationship with Leng Jinpeng.

When Zhong Kuijun figured out that there was at least one commander-in-chief who had Chi Yang’s back, he felt a surge of emotion coursing through his body.

“Commander-in-chief, are you in poor health?” Zhong Kuijun’s brows furrowed his brows to show his concern.

“Haha, it’s nothing. It’s just that I had overexerted my body when I was younger, so I suffer from many minor ailments nowadays.”

“No matter how minor the ailment is, it’s still a health problem. Commander-in-chief Leng, we can only move forward under your leadership. Commander-in-chief, since you’ve just arrived in Jiang District and are still unfamiliar with the area, I can introduce Jiang District’s most famous doctor to you. If you don’t mind, that is. Even if it’s just a minor ailment, it’s still better to nurse it.”

Zhong Kuijun’s adulations were so extreme that Qu Mingyi, who had originally wanted to help him, gave up on his efforts.

Leng Jinpeng gave a small smile. “There’s no need for that. Don’t we already have doctors at the military base? Our military base doctors won’t be worse than those outside.”

Zhong Kuijun did not continue to persuade him. “Yes, yes, yes, our doctors at the military base are all good as well.”

“Nuannuan, I’m here.”

Unable to find his lover in the banquet hall, Chi Yang impatiently gave her a phone call.

A smile immediately blossomed on Zhong Nuannuan’s face when she heard Chi Yang’s voice.

“Then I’ll come down right now. Wait for me.”

“Okay, you can come downstairs slowly. I’m not in a hurry.”


At this moment, all the guests had their eyes on Chi Yang and his comrades.

Although they were all respected people in Jiang District, they had rarely met commanders from the military base. Most of them never even had any contact with them.

As for the tall, young man beside the commander-in-chief, his handsome features and upright figure were like that of a vigorous green pine. It seemed like he could withstand the wind and rain. He was steady, chilling, and lofty. Even though his standing posture was laid-back at the moment, he still could not conceal the aggressive manner and powerful coercion that emanated from him.

Being a captain at such a young age, a person like him was every mother-in-law’s most perfect son-in-law. He was also the most admired man in every girl’s hearts.

The guests unconsciously started to surround the group from afar, inspecting them while secretly judging them. As soon as Zhong Kuijun finished speaking with the group of leaders, they stepped forward and were ready to engage in small talk with the other guests present.