My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 105

Chapter 105: The Arrival Of The Queen

The guests were ready to matchmake their own daughters or nieces to the outstanding captain named Chi Yang.

“Jiang Hongyang, is this the man you wanted to introduce to Zhong Qianqian but was intercepted by Zhong Nuannuan instead?”

In the crowd, a woman with a gorgeous face was staring at Chi Yang.

Her gaze was like that of a venomous snake. Any prey she had laid her eyes on would not be able to escape.

Jiang Hongyang nodded. “It’s him! His name is Chi Yang. He’s the director-general of the Department of Special Forces. He’s a captain at 26! My uncle said that this is the first time in the military base of Jiang District that a young person has the rank of a captain. Perhaps he’s the only one in Camino.

Hmph, I had wanted to introduce him to Zhong Qianqian, but in the end, Zhong Nuannuan snatched him away. After their one-night stand, she began clinging on to him. In order to take responsibility for his actions, Chi Yang sent a marriage report to the military base. Once the report had gotten approved, Zhong Nuannuan started acting like a b*tch who got the lead role. She doesn’t even allow Qianqian to talk to Chi Yang. She even said that Qianqian was the one who snatched her boyfriend. She’s such a b*tch!”

When he thought about how his uncle had reduced the Jiang family’s earnings by 10% because of Zhong Nuannuan, Jiang Hongyang was fuming. He wanted so badly to skin Zhong Nuannuan alive.

Ou Mingxi looked at Jiang Hongyang. There was a hint of ridicule in her eyes. “I’m curious. Zhong Nuannuan is your aunt’s real daughter, but why does the Jiang family hate Zhong Nuannuan and like Zhong Qianqian more?”

“…” Jiang Hongyang had no answer to Ou Mingxi’s question.

When Ou Mingxi saw that Jiang Hongyang had nothing to say, she smiled. “Is it because Zhong Nuannuan’s too disgusting and too b*tchy?”

Jiang Hongyang nodded at what Ou Mingxi said. “Right. I’m so unlucky to have a sister like her. When I look at her face, I want to slap her so badly.”

“Today’s your sister’s welcome home banquet. As her big brother, you have to show her some face.”

Jiang Hongyang scoffed. “This b*tch doesn’t even deserve my consideration!”

“You said that Chi Yang only handed in that marriage report because he had a one-night stand with her?”

“Of course. Do you think a man like Chi Yang would fall for a country bumpkin like her? Mingxi, why are you asking me this?”

Ou Mingxi did not get the chance to answer him. A commotion broke out in the crowd. After some cheering, everyone started clapping.

Jiang Hongyang and Ou Mingxi lifted their heads to see Zhong Nuannuan coming out of the room.

Her long and thick black hair was in an elegant updo. A few strands of her hair rested lazily on her shoulders. They accentuating her fair skin that was like white jade.

When she saw Chi Yang who looked absolutely dashing in his uniform, Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes were shining. In her gown, she looked like an elf who could steal away someone’s soul, but at the same time, she had a hint of pureness in her as well. She was like the purest creature in the primordial world that had never been contaminated.

Her blue ombre dress accentuated her curves perfectly. Her tiny waist swayed along with her footsteps. Her dress was flowing like water. The backless design of the dress accentuated her lithe back and shoulder blades, making her look like a butterfly. She also looked like a queen who ruled the world. She was not timid nor shy amidst everyone’s clapping. She slowly walked over to her man.