My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 106

Chapter 106: Jealousy

Chi Yang was in a daze after seeing his woman. She was so charming. However, at the same time, he was vexed.

What stupid gown was this? It was too revealing.

Chi Yang decided that he would never ask Venia to design clothes for Zhong Nuannuan again.

He himself had not taken a good look at his woman yet, but her body was already displayed for everyone to see.

When he felt the gazes of the guests, especially the male guests, on Zhong Nuannuan, Chi Yang’s blood started to boil. An indescribable feeling of anger rushed to his heart. He almost could not control that feeling.

At that moment, a gust of ice-cold air emanated from him. In an instant, it enveloped the entire place.

Chi Yang was triggered. He strode over to Zhong Nuannuan.

His every step was overflowing with dominance. They were like ice-cold daggers covered in blood. At the same time, it was like he was walking on a red carpet. He was giving an air of coldness and prestige to the guests in the room.

His good looks and suffocating temperament caused the weaker socialites in the room to let out soft screams.

He walked over to Zhong Nuannuan as everyone watched. He stood in front of her.

He had a towering grandeur. The woman in front of him was young, pristine, and beautiful. When they looked at each other, their gazes were focused solely on one another.

Everyone in the room was mesmerized by the couple. They were all stuck in a daze.

He lifted his hand to lovingly fiddle with the girl’s hair. Then, he lifted his arms to pull the girl into his embrace. He used his arms to cover her bare back.

“Let’s go. I’m taking you to meet my commander-in-chief and chief of staff.”

His aura had just been as black as ink a moment ago. That same dark aura that had threatened to devour the whole room disappeared in an instant. It collapsed under Zhong Nuannuan’s gaze. What was left was a gentleness that was as soft as water.

The madams and misses in the crowd screamed once again.

A tone of disappointment laced their voices.

This excellent man already had a partner.

After seeing Chi Yang, there was a soft smile on Zhong Nuannua’s face. Her eyes were filled with love for the man in front of her.

Chi Yang was 188cm. It was hard for a girl to reach his shoulder, and Zhong Nuannuan was no exception.

However, her high heels were 10cm tall, giving her 170cm height a boost. Zhong Nuannuan and Chi Yang not only stood out in the crowd because of their looks and aura, but even their heights were an astonishing sight.

Words could not describe how compatible this couple was.

“Commander-in-chief, chief of staff, this is Nuannuan.”

He introduced Zhong Nuannuan. “These two were the ones who approved our marriage report. This is Commander-in-chief Leng, and this is chief of staff.”

“Hello, commander-in-chief. Hello, chief of staff. Thank you for trusting me. From now on, I’ll be a competent army wife.”

While Zhong Nuannuan was greeting the two men obediently, she also made a vow to be a competent wife to Chi Yang. Leng Jinpeng and Qu Mingyi were so amused that they started laughing.

After listening to what Zhong Nuannuan said, Chi Yang’s gaze was so soft that it seemed like water could start dripping out from his eyes. Leng Jinpeng and Qu Mingyi were stuffed with mouthfuls of dog food after seeing how head over heels Chi Yang was for Zhong Nuannuan.

Leng Jinpeng looked at Zhong Nuannuan while smiling. “Wonderful! Then, can you tell me how to be a competent army wife?”