My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Turn Off

They were going to get married after half a year. They could start their happy lives as a pair of legally wedded husband and wife.

What about her? She felt like she had stepped into a dense forest after giving up Chi Yang. Despite the sun shining outside, it would never shine on her.


Suddenly, a delicate hand landed on Zhong Qianqian’s shoulder. She thought that it was Xue Miqi. She was about to swat the hand away. However, when she turned around, the person was Ou Mingxi.

Ou Mingxi was the daughter of the deputy governor of Jiang District. She was also the woman that her cousin Jiang Hongyang was after. If he were to successfully woo her, she would be the daughter-in-law that the Jiang family was proudest of. Zhong Qianqian could not offend her.

Even though she was in a bad mood, she had to display a huge smile on her face.

“Sis Ou.”

Ou Mingxi patted Zhong Qianqian’s shoulder and comforted her, “Qianqian, you’ve been wronged.”

Zhong Qianqian almost cried after hearing that one sentence.

“Nuannuan is so horrible. How could she snatch her sister’s boyfriend? But Chi Yang is really an outstanding man. What’s his background like?” Ou Mingxi looked as if she was asking an innocent question, but her intention was obvious.

Zhong Qianqian shook her head. “I don’t know. However, Chi Yang was the one who hosted this banquet. He hired the servers and cooks from Lijing Mansion. He bought the 7.5 million Yuan gown that Qianqian is wearing too.”

When Zhong Qianqian said that, she looked at Zhong Nuannuan. Her words were laced with jealousy, but her gaze was out of focus.

Ou Mingxi’s eyes were glistening when she heard the words ‘Lijing Mansion’ and ‘7.5 million Yuan dress’. There was strong determination in her eyes.

Zhong Kuijun and the commander-in-chief were happily chatting with Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan. When he saw that it was almost time, he prepared himself to make a welcome speech to address all the guests there.

When Zhong Qianqian saw this, she ran to Zhong Kuijun’s side.

“Dad, Aiden’s not here yet. Don’t you want to wait for Aiden to get here before starting?” Zhong Qianqian was anxious.

In her heart, Aiden was the most special guest here. Aiden and she should be the most popular couple in this banquet instead of Chi Yang and Zhong Nuannuan.

Zhong Kuijun looked at Zhong Qianqian and said patiently, “Call him and ask him when is he getting here.”

“…” Under Zhong Kuijun’s gaze, she had no choice but to make the call.

“Sorry, the number you have dialed”

His phone was still turned off.

She planned on saying something to the phone to make it seem as if the call had gotten through, but Zhong Kuijun had already heard the automated voice on the other end. Not only did she fail to save some face for herself, but Zhong Kuijun even ignored her and walked to the middle of the room.

Since it was a banquet that was held at home, Zhong Kuijun kept his speech simple. He thanked everyone for attending and talked about Zhong Nuannuan’s imprisonment. Then, he provided the notice of acquittal from the court and the deceased Zhou Jinhui’s medical report to prove Zhong Nuannuan’s innocence. In the end, Zhong Kuijun called Zhong Nuanuan over and introduced her fiance to everyone present. Zhong Kuijun introduced Chi Yang as the captain of the military base in Jiang District and instructor cum director-general of the Department of Special Forces.

Everyone was congratulating Zhong Nuannuan for her exoneration and also her perfect love story. At the same time, they congratulated Zhong Kuijun for getting such an excellent son-in-law.

Zhong Kuijun was smiling so wide that he could not close his mouth. He kept asking his guests to eat and drink.

After his speech, Zhong Nuannuan and Chi Yang were instantly surrounded by people. As the stars of the banquet, people kept making toasts to them. While congratulating Zhong Nuannuan, they also made their presence known to Chi Yang. Some even started asking about the commander-in-chief Leng Jinpeng’s details.