My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 111

Chapter 111: I Have An Apartment In The City

He reached out and caressed Zhong Nuannuan’s soft hair. He spoke with a gentle tone that other people would never see, “I’m sorry, Nuannuan. There was a drill by the Department of Special Forces this week, so I couldn’t come to visit you. However, the drill ended a few days ago. After finishing the report yesterday and attending the meeting this afternoon, my schedule will clear up.

But you’re going back to school tomorrow, and you’ll be staying in the dorm too. If you’re free at night, I’ll come to see you, okay?”

“It’s fine. The military base is so far away from my school. It’s a three-hour return trip.”

“It’s fine. I have an apartment in the city. It’s not far away from your school. I can stay in the apartment at night and go back to the military base the next day.”

“Really?” Zhong Nuannuan’s eyes lit up.

Even though she felt bad for making Chi Yang run around like this, she still really wanted to see him.


Seeing Zhong Nuannuan so happy just because she could spend some time with made Chi Yang’s mood better.

“That’s great! If that’s the case, as long as you don’t have any tasks from the military base, we’ll be able to see each other every day!”

At the same time, Ning Wenhao who had been working for the whole week was sleeping in the dorm of the military base. He received a message.

“Before tomorrow night, buy me a fully-furnished apartment near Jia Yong. I’ll send the list of items I need later.”

“Damn it!”

He was stuffed with a mouthful of dog food even when he was sleeping. Ning Wenhao felt terrible.

Chi Yang brought Zhong Nuannuan to a secluded place to sit down.

“Are you tired?”

Zhong Nuannuan shook her head. “No.”

Chi Yang knelt down and placed Zhong Nuannuan’s legs on his. Then, he removed her shoes.

Looking at the red lines on her soft feet, Chi Yang frowned.

He did not have any experience in buying gifts for a girl. After buying the gown, he asked Venia to get him a pair of shoes to match. Who knew that Venia would get him a pair that was so tall.

“Do your feet hurt?”

“No.” It was just a small matter for Zhong Nuannuan.

However, it was like Chi Yang did not hear her. He started massaging her feet. He was feeling remorseful as he said, “I won’t get such tall heels for you next time.”

Looking at Chi Yang’s face in distress, Zhong Nuannuan felt a wave of sweetness crash against her heart. She leaned comfortably on the chair and reached out her hand to caress Chi Yang’s head.

His hair was black and coarse, just like his unyielding, tough guy image in the military base.

Chi Yang’s body tensed up from Zhong Nuannuan’s touches. After a few seconds, he relaxed and continued rubbing Zhong Nuannuan’s feet.

Zhong Nuannuan smiled. She knew that Chi Yang’s body was slowly getting used to her.

“Where did you hurt yourself?”

Chi Yang lifted his head. He did not understand her sudden question.

“You said that you had hurt your head back then. Where?”

“It penetrated my right temple, grazed my skull, and went out from the anterior skull.”

After looking closely, she did see a faint scar near his right temple.

When she touched the faint scar on his head, he felt a buzzing sensation course through his scalp. It went through his limbs and bones, causing his body to convulse slightly.

His scar had recovered well. If one was not paying attention, one would not even see it because of the way his hair grew.

However, Zhong Nuannuan could see it clearly. This kind of wound was dangerous. If it had been off by another millimeter, he would have died on the spot.