My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Idiot Brothers

Jiang Hongyi wanted to slap Zhong Nuannuan to death. However, how could he do it when Chi Yang was right there? He gritted his teeth so hard that they were about to break into pieces.

“Nuannuan, come here for a bit. We need to talk to you,” Jiang Hongyang ordered Zhong Nuannuan, clearly displeased. After he said that, he turned around and left, expecting Zhong Nuannuan to follow after him.

“Hmph!” Jiang Hongyi scoffed and turned around to leave as well. He trailed behind his second brother.

Zhong Nuannuan looked at the two of them like they were idiots. She simply walked away while holding onto Chi Yang.

Jiang Hongyang and Jiang Hongyi walked to a secluded place and decided to talk to Nuannuan under the shade of a tree. All the while, they were having evil thoughts about what they were going to do to Zhong Nuannuan.

After letting their anger brew, Jiang Hongyang opened his mouth and said, “Nuannuan, tell you dad right now to”

The brothers were startled after only saying half of what they had planned to say.

They finally realized that Zhong Nuannuan had not followed them over! Not only that, but she was even further away from them than before. She was greeting the guests while smiling like a flower in full blossom. She was completely ignoring the two of them.

Jiang Hongyang: …

Jiang Hongyi:

“Bro, look at that b*tch. She’s absolutely unbridled.”

Jiang Hongyi felt that he had been fooled. He could not endure this anymore. Blood rushed to his head. He charged over to Zhong Nuannuan with a dark look on his face.

This time, Jiang Hongyi did not say anything. He sneaked up behind Zhong Nuannuan and reached out his hand.

If he did not act rough with this woman, she would only continue to act like a lowly b*tch.

Since she would not listen to him when he talked to her peacefully, then he could only forcefully pull her away.

Before his claws could touch Zhong Nuannuan’s hand, Chi Yang did a spin kick and sent him flying away.


Jiang Hongyi screamed. He flew two meters away before landing on the floor.

The guests all turned their heads to the direction of where they heard his scream.

“Nuannuan, what happened?”

Jiang Hanlin had been arguing with Zhong Kuijun about his earnings being reduced by ten percent. He had hoped that Zhong Kuijun could take back his words. When he saw that his son was being bullied, he walked over immediately.

Zhong Kuijun followed closely behind him.

“Ah, Hongyi! What happened?”

“Mom, Chi Yang kicked me. I’m in so much pain!” Jiang Hongyi was shocked by Chi Yang’s evil aura. Jiang Hongyi’s eyes went red as he started crying in front of the guests.

“You’re a soldier. How can you hit other people? Do you think you can hit someone just because you’re a soldier? A soldier exists to protect the people. You’re the scum of the military base for hitting people whenever you wish!”

When Xie Congrong, Jiang Hanlin’s wife and the mother of the Jiang brothers, saw that her son had been hit, she started criticizing Chi Yang about virtues.

“Chi Yang was just protecting me. Who told him to yell at me for no reason? When I ignored him, he even came to hit me. Chi Yang only chased him away in order to protect me.

Plus, he’s being considerate since there are so many guests here. He only kicked him lightly. You can’t blame Chi Yang for this, right? If Chi Yang had used his full strength, Jiang Hongyi’s ribs would have been broken by now, or worse, he might have even died.”

Zhong Nuannuan was like a hen. When she heard someone criticizing her Chi Yang, she called them out like a fighter jet.

Chi Yang was a good man and soldier. She could not let the guests misunderstand him.

“You’re twisting words and forcing logic!” Xie Congrong was fuming. She never thought that Zhong Nuannuan who rarely spoke and was always cold would criticize them like that in front of the guests.

“I’m not. There are so many guests here. Everyone saw everything. Everyone, did you see Jiang Hongyi coming here and trying to attack me?”