My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Slandering A Soldier

The guest did not know who Jiang Hongyi and Xie Congrong were, so they nodded their heads. Some even started describing the scene when Jiang Hongyi had attempted to attack Zhong Nuannuan.

“See, aunty. I’m not twisting words and forcing truths. Jiang Hongyi was the one who attacked me first. Should Chi Yang watch him beat me in front of everyone and not do anything so that he would be worthy of his role as a soldier?”

What? Aunty?

The guests came to their senses after being fooled by Zhong Nuannuan. The person on the ground who had just been kicked by Chi Yang was the young master of Cloud Group. The guests did not know that Zhong Kuijun was the true owner of Cloud Group. They wanted so badly to hide their faces so that Madam Jiang would not recognize them.

“Zhong Nuannuan, you have a sharp mouth. No matter what, he’s at fault because he was the one who attacked someone.”

“Chi Yang is an excellent soldier from the military base. He would never hurt someone for no reason. Madam, please don’t slander our excellent soldier.”

Leng Jinpeng and Qu Mingyi walked over. Qu Mingyi even proved Chi Yang’s innocence righteously.

“Enough! Stop talking! Look at how much you’ve spoiled him. He’s a man, but he even wanted to raise his hand on his own sister. He even started crying after being kicked. Do you trust that I’ll send him to the military base tomorrow and let Chi Yang train him?”

Jiang Hanlin was infuriated by his wife.

He had said so many nice words to persuade Zhong Kuijun to take back his order, but now his son had gotten into a brawl. Furthermore, his wife was screaming at Chi Yang instead of helping to mitigate the problem.

Did she not know Chi Yang was someone that Zhong Kuijun wanted to make connections with?

Did she not see that the commander-in-chief and the chief of staff of the military base were on Chi Yang’s side?

Such a fool!

Jiang Hanlin was the authority figure in the Jiang family. After being yelled at by him, Xie Congrong was fuming, but she did not dare to talk back.

Jiang Hanlin looked at Jiang Hongyi and asked sternly, “What were you trying to do? Nuannuan is your sister. Why did you want to hit her?”

Jiang Hongyi did not utter out any words. He just glared at Zhong Nuannuan, eyes full of hatred. Chi Yang could not help but frown.

Jiang Hanlin looked at Jiang Hongyang. “Your brother is making a fuss. You’re his brother, and you’re just going to let it happen?”

Jiang Hongyang:

After seeing that both of his sons were not talking, Jiang Hanlin could guess why they had been looking for Zhong Nuannuan. Although he was displeased, he still had to comfort and coax Zhong Nuannuan with a smile on his face. “Nuannuan, your brothers have made a mistake. Please don’t lower yourself to their level.”

“Uncle, this is all Sis Ou’s fault. She was so passionate when she wanted to sit next to me and Chi Yang. She even wanted me to introduce Chi Yang to her. When I told Chi Yang that she’s the fiance of my second brother, she started getting mad at me and said that she has no relations with second brother. Chi Yang brought me away after he saw that she was bullying me. After a while, second brother brought third brother here to argue with me. The funniest thing is that third brother wanted to hit me.

Second brother was the one who had been showing off his fiance to me, so that was how I introduced her. What have I done wrong? Why does he want to hit me?”

Ou Mingxi who had only come here to watch the show was suddenly unjustly ridiculed. She almost went over to slap Zhong Nuannuan herself.

What did she have to do with Jiang Hongyang wanting to hit her?

Plus, people would now know that she, Ou Mingxi, was after Chi Yang after listening to Zhong Nuannuan’s words.