My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Dog Eat Dog

Zhong Nuannuan had already dragged Ou Mingxi’s name through the mud without giving her any time to react.

“Sis Ou, thank God you’re here. Just make things clear with my second brother. Even though I want my sister-in-law to be the daughter of the deputy governor, but as long as you don’t admit it, I promise I won’t mistake you as my relative anymore.”

All the guests present widened their eyes at the shocking statement.

She was the daughter of the deputy governor!

This woman was after Chi Yang, so she wanted to get rid of Jiang Hongyang?

The guests were starting to make up stories in their heads.

Even though a fire was burning in Ou Mingxi’s heart, she was still willing to express how she felt while playing along with Zhong Nuannuan. “Jiang Hongyang and I are only classmates. We’re just friends. I have never agreed to be his girlfriend and neither have I agreed to an engagement. You’re slandering me by saying that Jiang Hongyang and I are a couple. Miss Zhong, please don’t destroy my reputation with your words.”

Ou Mingxi was looking at Zhong Nuannuan, but her words were for Chi Yang to hear.

She, Ou Mingxi, was not Jiang Hongyang’s girlfriend. She was also not his fiancee. Chi Yang’s impression of her would definitely change.

Jiang Hongyang’s face was so pale that it was almost transparent after being slapped in the face by Ou Mingxi’s words. When she saw that, Zhong Nuannuan smirked. “Second brother, did you hear that? This has nothing to do with me. Miss Ou does not admit that she’s in a relationship with you. You can’t ask third brother to hit me.”

Jiang Hongyang: !!!

Damn it. They had not gone to find her because of this. He had not even known that Zhong Nuannuan and Ou Mingxi were arguing.

“I’m embarrassed by this. I’ll be leaving now. Farewell.”

“Mingxi!” When he saw Ou Mingxi leaving, Jiang Hongyang called out to her and chased after her.

The rest of the members of the Jiang family were stunned.

They had been so proud thinking that their future daughter-in-law would be the daughter of the deputy governor of Jiang District. Even though Ou Mingxi did not admit to their relationship, she and Jiang Hongyang would always be seen together in social gatherings.

Their plans were all going down the drain after being intercepted by Zhong Nuannuan.

At that moment, the people in the Jiang family were all glaring at Zhong Nuannuan. Their gazes were venomous.

Zhong Nuannuan lifted her head and smiled at the guests. “It’s just a minor inconvenience. It’s all a misunderstanding. Please carry on.”

The guests started walking away but continued to gossip.

“Zhong Nuannuan!”

Xie Congrong was furious. She growled while gritting her teeth.

Jiang Hanlin was standing at one side. His hands were balled into fists. He did not stop his wife from flying into a rage.

This was indeed too infuriating.

If they were to lose their future daughter-in-law, Ou Mingxi, they would suffer an immense loss.

They would not be able to handle that.

However, the cause of all their problems was enjoying seeing the angry looks on the faces of the Jiang family members. “Aunty, why are you screaming at me when Miss Ou is the one who does not see second brother as her fiance? You were the ones showing off to me that she was your future daughter-in-law. I had just introduced her the same way you introduced her to me. Was I wrong to do that? What do I have to do with the fact that she’s not recognizing second brother as her fiance?”

Xie Congrong glared at Zhong Nuannuan. She would never be able to get rid of her anger even after slicing Zhong Nuannuan with a thousand knives.

“Are you hungry?” Chi Yang asked just in time.

“A little.”

“Let’s go eat something.”