My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 118

Chapter 118: Chapter 124

Zhong Nuannuan held Chi Yang’s hand like an obedient child. When she saw Leng Jinpeng and Qu Mingyi, she asked with a grin, “Commander-in-chief, chief of staff, can we sit with you?”

“Of course.” Qu Mingyi smiled and agreed.

The Jiang family did not even have the opportunity to express their anger. Instead, they could only watch as Zhong Nuannuan left with the commander-in-chief and chief of staff of the military base.

“Nuannuan, take care of the commander-in-chief and chief of staff for me.”

“Alright, dad.”

Zhong Kuijun was happy, but the Jiang family was in disbelief.

Not only were their earnings being reduced by ten percent, but their daughter-in-law who was capable of leading them to the summit of life was gone too.

“Kuijun, are you just going to let this happen?” Jiang Hanlin was furious. “Do you know how much damage Zhong Nuannuan has brought to the Jiang family just because of her ignorance?”

Zhong Kuijun was not happy. “Everyone saw what happened just now. Ou Mingxi has taken a fancy to Chi Yang.

“I don’t think you should blame Nuannuan for this. In fact, you should be praising her. If she can keep Chi Yang by her side, I can prosper in my career through Chi Yang. Naturally, the Zhong family and Cloud Group will also do better. You guys will also have better lives when that day comes.

“With Nuannuan by Chi Yang’s side, Ou Mingxi will not be able to achieve her goal. If she cannot find someone better, she’ll go back to Hongyang. Then, the Zhong family and Jiang family will attain both their goals. Isn’t that great?

“Or do you think that it’s better for Nuannuan to not slap some sense into Ou Mingxi? Should she just let Ou Mingxi chase after Chi Yang openly? If she succeeds, both our families will suffer losses. Do you really think that this would be better?”

Jiang Hanlin had always been overpowered by Zhong Kuijun. After listening to his explanation, he did not say anything. The Jiang family could only endure this.

After Zhong Nuannuan and Chi Yang took their food, they sat together with Leng Jinpeng and Qu Mingyi.

Leng Jinpeng looked at Chi Yang. Chi Yang’s face was stern, but his eyes were gentle. Leng Jinpeng smiled and made fun of Chi Yang. “Your significant other is really something else. She’s treasuring you so much.”

Chi Yang knew what the commander-in-chief meant. However, he wanted to hear him say it. “What do you mean, commander-in-chief?”

Leng Jinpeng was amused by Chi Yang’s childishness. However, he still played along. He said, “It means that in order to be with you, Nuannuan had just offended the entire Jiang family and also the daughter of the deputy governor. Her spirit in defending her partner without fearing authority figures proves that she’s a worthy future army wife.”

Zhong Nuannuan was so amused by what Leng Jinpeng said that she started laughing.

Looking at the smiling face of his wife, Chi Yang’s gaze was even softer now. He picked up a piece of meat and fed it to Zhong Nuannuan.

He noticed that his wife loved meat. She would eat a lot of meat every day. However, she would not get indigestion and did not grow fat.

Chi Yang wanted to fatten up his wife after looking at her waist that was so tiny. It looked like one could snap it in half effortlessly. That was why he kept on feeding her meat.

The commander-in-chief and chief of staff could only concentrate on eating their own food after being stuffed with a mouthful of dog food by Chi Yang’s actions. They felt like there were thorns in their eyes.

“Commander-in-chief, your liver is not good. You can’t be eating spicy and oily food.” Zhong Nuannuan furrowed her brows after looking at Leng Jinpeng’s diet. She could not help but advise him.

Leng Jinpeng was the favorite student of Chi Yang’s grandfather. He was going to be promoted to the position of the general, but he had to decline because of his health. He left Emperor District to become a commander-in-chief in Jiang District.