My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Acupuncture

“Then, do you have any ways to try to stop the worsening of the disease on the premise that he does not want to be hospitalized?”

Even though Qu Mingyi felt that his question was a little stupid, the military base hospital could do nothing. As he could only watch the commander-in-chief’s condition worsen day by day, he could not help but ask the question.

It was not his fault that this commander-in-chief was so stubborn that he refused to be hospitalized.

“It would take a long time to cure Uncle Leng’s condition with acupuncture. However, if we combine western and eastern medicine, there’s a huge chance that it could work. Uncle Leng, since you’re not okay with being hospitalized, are you okay with doing acupuncture two to three times in a week?”

“How long does each session take?” Leng Jinpeng cut to the chase and asked.

“Not long. Half an hour each .”

Leng Jinpeng nodded. “Just schedule the timing for me. If I don’t have anything important going on, I’ll come over for the treatment.”

“No need. You should just carry on with your job. I’ll go over to the military base.”

“No way. You’re in your third year. Your studies are more important. Don’t you want to get into Shu Medical University?”

“Uncle Leng, do you think I won’t be able to get into university with my intelligence? I can even confidently tell you that I can cure your illness.”

Leng Jinpeng stared at her blankly before he burst out laughing.

“Then, I’ll trust you with my body, Dr. Zhong.”

“No problem. I’ll arrange the timing with you every time you come over.”


The two of them came to an agreement while Qu Mingyi watched on with wide eyes and a gaping mouth.

Qu Mingyi looked at the calm Chi Yang who was simply feeding Zhong Nuannuan the entire time. Eventually, he could not control himself and asked, “Nuannuan, can you really cure him?”

“Uncle Leng is Chi Yang’s uncle. Even if I’m really clueless, I won’t joke about Uncle Leng’s life. The next stage for cirrhosis is liver cancer. When that happens, it will be harder to treat.”

“Hahaha.” Qu Mingxi laughed. “Chi Yang, you really found a treasure.”

Chi Yang looked at Zhong Nuannuan as the corners of his lips curved upward. There was a bottomless gentleness in his eyes.

Meeting Chi Yang’s starry gaze, Zhong Nuannuan’s heart thumped against her chest uncontrollably.

After Zhong Kuijun heard the commander-in-chief’s laugh, he wanted to pop in and look. However, Jiang Shuwan called him as she was walking toward the door.

“Kuijun, look who’s here.”

After Zhong Kuijun took a proper gander at the person behind Jiang Shuwan, his face lit up. “Isn’t that Mingzhe?”

“It’s great that Uncle Zhong still remembers me.”

The man was wearing a pair of glasses with gold frames. He was smiling politely, looking elegant and refined.

“How can I forget you? The Gu Family is the pride and joy of the entire Jiang District!”

Gu Mingzhe smiled. Zhong Kuijun was so passionate that he forgot his last name. “Uncle, you’re mocking me.”

Zhong Kuijun and Jiang Shuwan laughed.

After all, they wanted to claim connections with the Gu Family but, unfortunately, they could not. They also had no idea why Gu Mingzhe would come to the Zhong family banquet unannounced.

“Right, Mingzhe, what are you doing here in Jiang District?”

“Not long ago, my father bought a mountain in the Northern Area of Jiang District. He wanted to develop a five-star hot spring resort over there. I came here to do an on-site inspection and finalize the construction plan. I heard there’s a banquet in Uncle’s house, so I came here with thick skin. I don’t have an invitation card, so I could only ask Aunty to bring me in.”