My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 122

Chapter 122: Gu Mingzhes Passionate Gaze

“Hahaha, you’re not being thick-skinned at all. You’re the famous young master from Gu Family. It’s an honor that you can attend our banquet.”

“I heard the reason for the banquet today is to welcome Qianqian. Is she in trouble? Anything I can help with?”

Zhong Kuijun chuckled and replied, “Mingzhe, it’s been four to five years since you left Jiang District, so you have no idea. Half a year ago, the daughter that has been lost for so many years returned to us. Then, there was a misunderstanding as someone slandered Nuannuan’s name, claiming that she’s a murderer. Now that the court has acquitted Nuannuan, we decided to host this banquet to welcome her back. Nuannuan is the subject of this banquet.”

Gu Mingzhe was shocked, yet also glad. “Congratulations, Uncle, for finding your beloved daughter. Nuannuan must be the daughter Uncle had with his previous wife, am I right?”

Zhong Kuijun’s eyes glimmered. “Qianqian was the one I fathered with my ex-wife. Nuannuan is me and your aunty’s daughter.”

Gu Mingzhe was shocked. “I see.”

After he said this, Gu Mingzhe handed the box in his hand to Zhong Kuijun. “I didn’t have much time to prepare as I was in a rush. This is just a little something from me. I hope you won’t dislike it.”

Zhong Kuijun accepted the gift with a good mood. He laughed heartily. “I’m happy that you could come, Mingzhe. You’re too courteous.”

“Ah, isn’t that Qianqian?” Jiang Shuwan called out suddenly. “Qianqian, come here. Look who’s here.”

Before Zhong Qianqian left the room, she called Aiden again while she was fixing her makeup. However, his phone was still switched off. She was feeling moody when she heard her mother screaming, so she did not really care about her ladylike image.

However, the next second, when she saw the man standing next to her parents, Zhong Qianqian stopped in her tracks. She felt joy creeping into her heart.

Wasn’t that her childhood crush Gu Mingzhe?

However, five years ago, Gu Mingzhe followed his family to Emperor District. She did not have the chance to tell him how she felt at the time.

This person was her first love! He was the young master of the biggest noble family in Jiang District!

Zhong Qianqian too a deep breath. She sashayed over with the best posture she could muster.

When Gu Mingzhe saw the ice jade crescent necklace on Zhong Qianqian’s neck, his pupils dilated, followed by stars in his eyes.

“Qianqian, long time no see. Everyone said that girls would change drastically when they reach 18. It’s only been 5 years and you’re already so beautiful that I could hardly recognize you.”

Being on the receiving end of Gu Mingzhe’s passionate gaze, Zhong Qianqian felt her heart burning up.

“Bro Mingzhe, long time no see.”

Gu Mingzhe’s was smiling. His gaze was affectionate as he stared at Zhong Qianqian. He did not say anything for a long while. As Zhong Qianqian felt like she was drowning in his affectionate gaze, he stopped and said softly, “Long time no see.”

Jiang Shuwan’s heart was almost melted by Gu Mingzhe. When she saw her daughter’s mood getting better, she felt good as well.

It was not an illusion. Gu Mingzhe had a crush on her Qianqian.

A huge crush.

“Bro Mingzhe, what are you doing in Jiang District?”

“The reason I’m back this time”

Gu Mingzhe and Zhong Qianqian were in a state where they had forgotten about everyone else’s existence as they chatted happily. Zhong Kuijun and Jiang Shuwan were happy with this couple, so they quickly made up an excuse to leave.

“Kuijun, say do you think Mingzhe fancies Qianqian?”

“It’s up to the youngsters to find out.”