My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Naive

“Eh, why are you not concerned about Qianqian? That’s the Gu Family!”

“You know it’s because that’s the Gu Family. We little aristocrats can’t compare to them. So, we’re not the ones influencing whether this will happen or not. Qianqian is an important character in this. If she has half of Nuannuan’s skills of seduction, then this will succeed. However, if she is still arrogant and unreasonable as before and does things without thinking, there’ll only be a small chance of this going through.”

“Hmph, Qianqian is naive! She’s not despicable like her.”

After receiving Zhong Kuijun’s warnings, Jiang Shuwan shut her mouth obediently.

“Shuwan, who’s that young man? You look so emotional.”

Lin Xin smelt something going on so she brought Ye Mengxi over to greet Jiang Shuwan. Her gaze was glued on Gu Mingzhe.

Jiang Shuwan hated gossiping women like Lin Xin. She smiled. “Have you ever heard of the Gu Family from Emperor District?”

“Of course! They’re the aristocrats that left Jiang District in the past!”

Jiang Shuwan said softly, “That’s Young Master Gu, Gu Mingzhe! He grew up with our Qianqian. They’re childhood sweethearts.”

Lin Xin and Ye Mengxi’s eyes grew wide, especially Ye Mingxi’s. Stars almost fell out from her eyes from the way she was looking at Gu Mingzhe.

The Ye Family was not a military and political family, so they did not understand how bright Chi Yang’s future could be when he was promoted to captain at only 26 years old.

However, the Gu Family was in the business world. Moreover, they also made a name for themself in Emperor District. For them, the Gu Family was like a delicious steak, causing them to circle around them like flies.

Lin Xin grabbed Jiang Shuwan’s arms affectionately. “Shuwan, you have such good luck. One of your daughters is with the youngest and wealthiest soldier in Jiang District. He could spend 7.5 million dollars on a custom made Venia dress with no problem. Another one of your daughters is also childhood sweethearts with a rich young master from Emperor District.

“Shuwan, for the sake of our relationship, can you introduce Young Master Gu to me? I’m not trying to steal Nuannuan’s man, but our Old Man Ye needs to go do some business in Emperor District and you know how difficult it is to do things there. You can just recommend us to him. If we succeed, I’ll be very grateful to you.”

After Zhong Kuijun heard that, he turned around and left immediately, leaving to greet the other guests.

Meanwhile, Jiang Shuwan was still smiling brightly. “Lin Xin, what are you talking about? Even though this banquet it to welcome Nuannuan’s return, it’s also a platform for everyone to broaden their social circles. It’s fate that everyone can gather here today. If you have anything on your mind, just go to Young Master Gu directly. I am not familiar with your company, so it won’t be appropriate for me to get involved with it. We’re all friends, but it’ll look like we’re outsiders if we’re so courteous with each other. I’ll go take a look over there. Please enjoy your meal, we hired the top chef in Lijing Mansion today. Mengxi, please eat more.”

After she said that, Jiang Shuwan left slowly, leaving Lin Xin and her daughter gritting their teeth.

“What’s so great about that? Mengxi, let’s go. I’ll bring you to say hi to Young Master Gu. I don’t believe that a beauty queen like you won’t be able to charm a man that even Zhong Qianqian can handle.”

After that, she brought Ye Mengxi over.

“Qianqian, is this your boyfriend? Why didn’t you introduce us?”