My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 129

Chapter 129: 24k Golden Pot Stirrer

It was from Aiden.

“Big boss, was Zhong Qianqian upset, devastated, and rethinking her life when I, your future brother-in-law did not show up?”

In a luxurious mansion, Aiden and Selina were chomping on burgers as their fingers danced. A split second later, the words ‘KO’ appeared on the screen.

When he heard the notification for the reply, Aiden smirked handsomely.

“Based on my experience with girls, a woman like Zhong Qianqian would definitely be so upset that she would not want to attend the banquet. Say, would she kill herself from sadness?”

Selina looked at him in disgust. “You’re handsome when you’re not speaking. When you open your mouth, you instantlybecome an idiot . Stop lollygagging and open it.”

Aiden pouted. He was not happy with Selina’s false accusations.

“Then I shall let you see the charm of your future brother-in-law.” After saying that, he switched on the phone.

However, he only saw a one-word reply.

“Hehe.” Selina read the word out loud and looked at the puzzled Aiden whilst patting his shoulder. She did not want to crush him.

“No way!” Aiden was in a bad mood.

Did his charm decrease so fast that he could not even seduce a little girl who was out of luck?

He typed quickly on his phone.

“What do you mean by ‘hehe’? Is she not upset? No way! All humans, regardless of gender, would definitely fall under my charm. Unless… she’s a transvestite?”

“What about me?” The other party responded quickly.

“You’re not even human! You don’t count!”

Selina glared at him. “Idiot.”

Aiden, ‘What did he send? Could he recall his message?’

“Big Boss, why did you stop replying me?”

“Big Boss, I’ve made a mistake!”

“Um, is Zhong Qianqian sad?”

Finally, he received a reply.


“See? Big Boss is kind. She would not get mad at me over some small matter. After all, I’m the apple of her eye.”

Selina looked at Aiden’s pleased face and wanted so badly to hit him. What should she do?

“Big Boss, I’ve embarrassed you. Can you tell me why Zhong Qianqian is indifferent? It doesn’t make sense! You know my flirting skills! Could it be that Zhong Qianqian is at a higher level than you?”

“A rich young master of an aristocratic family is after her now. Who are you? What is your name? What is your job?”

“Damn it! Just you wait!”

“Mom, I want to leave.”

Ye Mengxi was crushed by Zhong Nuannuan and Zhong Qianqian. This was the first time she had suffered a setback in her life.

Chi Yang, who was a captain at 26 with an interesting background, and the young master from the aristocratic family in Emperor District did not even look at her.

Even though she had a lot of men surrounding her who were in love with her, how could those children of entrepreneurs compare to Chi Yang and Gu Mingzhe?

Lin Xin’s face was dark too, as not only had Ye Mengxi been being called out, she had been called out as well. Moreover, she was Madam Ye.

However, he was an aristocrat of Emperor District, so she would not dare to even let out a fart after being called out. They had the power to destroy the entire Ye Family if she dared to fight back.

Suddenly, there was a commotion from the crowd near the door. Someone even screamed from shock.

Lin Xin and Ye Mengxi turned their heads to look, and instantly, their eyes went wide.