My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 130

Chapter 130: Being Sexy For The Elders Is Not Coquettish

A super luxurious Aston Martin had stopped in front of the Zhong residence. Its eye-catching champagne colour and gorgeous streamlined body gave the supercar a strong feel of modernity and explosiveness.

“Oh my god! This Aston Martin is so beautiful! It’s totally the prettiest car I’ve ever seen!”

“Nonsense, this is the One-77, limited to only 77 of its kind worldwide, and only five cars like this are available in the whole of Camino.”

“Only five of them? One of them is right here at the Zhong residence! It seems like the Zhong Family has a very extensive social network! They’ve already invited the lieutenant general, major general and Master Gu from Emperor District, and now here’s yet another impressive guest. The person who’s able to drive a car like this must definitely have an extraordinary background”

The car doors were opened by the parking valet, and a pair of slender, long legs soon came into view.

In an instant, a tall and handsome foreign man wearing a perfectly-tailored maroon suit appeared in front of everyone.

“A foreigner!”

“Who Who exactly is this?”

“Hello, are you here for the Zhong family banquet?”

It took just one glance for Ye Mengxi to fall for Aiden’s deep, handsome features and slender but muscular figure.

She usually would not dare to approach a man with an aura like this, but a pent-up urge inside her made her carry out the most courageous, yet almost most embarrassing, move in her life

In front of all the guests, she walked toward Aiden and spoke to him in a slightly impure, yet fluent Luntanese language.

“Yes.” Aiden flashed a gentlemanly smile, but replied to her in pure Hanlanese language.

Ye Mengxi was completely stunned, and froze for a moment before quickly recovering and saying, “My name is Ye Mengxi, my Ye family is a family friend of the Zhong family. What about you? What’s your name?”

“My name is”


Jiang Shuwan was hurriedly making her way over to Aiden as she called to him from afar. After this, she used her body as a shield to protect Aiden like a protective old hen, afraid that the ‘weasel’ Ye Mengxi would take her chick away.

Aiden, who had just experienced being treated like a chick for the first time, was shocked!

Ye Mengxi, who was suddenly treated like a weasel, was also taken aback.

“You’ve finally arrived, Qianqian thought you weren’t coming!”

Jiang Shuwan smiled broadly after cutting off the interaction between Ye Mengxi and Aiden. Although Aiden was already two hours late, his presence was still an honor for the Zhong family.

“Old man Zhong, come here quickly, Aiden is here!”

Jiang Shuwan was completely unfazed by the guests complaining that she was being loud or rude, and she shouted at Zhong Kuijun, who was at the time preparing to talk to the commander-in-chief.

This time, even the guests who did not notice the person’s sudden appearance turned around and looked in their direction. In addition to this, someone said that an Aston Martin One-77 was parked at the door, so everyone was speculating about the identity of the heavyweight figure that had just arrived.

Zhong Kuijun hurried over and enthusiastically engaged in some small talk with Aiden. After that, he loudly announced to the curious guests, “Everyone, allow me to make an introduction. This is Mr Aiden, the Vice President and General Manager of Tianheng Holdings, who has just recently arrived in Camino.”

The entire banquet hall was immediately in an uproar.

Everyone took out their phones to snap pictures, then went onto Baidu to search for Aiden’s identity.

Aiden was in charge of attending all of Tianheng’s important events. The mysterious CEO had never shown himself before, so all the online news articles about Tianheng were filled with Aiden’s face.

When the guests realized that Aiden was not a General Manager of the Jiang District branch, but the top-ranked Vice President and General Manager of Tianheng Holdings, their eyes instantly shone, and they all came around to say hello to him.