My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 134

Chapter 134: The Invisible Winner

It was unexpected for a person like Zhong Qianqian to be surrounded by international aristocrats like Aiden. Did he also know about Zhong Qianqian’s identity?

That could not be!

Or, could foreigners just have started viewing Asian women in an unconventional manner?

In terms of strength, the Gu Family definitely could not beat an international celebrity like Aiden. What should he do then? Give up?

Gu Mingzhe knew that it was impossible.

If he could marry Zhong Qianqian, the Gu Family could instantly upgrade in stature to become a second-rate aristocrat in Emperor District, and it was not impossible to become first-class aristocrat in the future either.

How could he give up on such a good chance?

Facing Aiden’s threatening glare, Gu Mingzhe placed his shaking hands into his pockets. He looked at Zhong Qianqian and said sadly, “Qianqian, I didn’t know you had a male partner. I’ve been too presumptuous today, I’ll contact you again later. I haven’t seen you for so long, and I feel that I still have a lot to say to you.”

Zhong Qianqian’s heart tightened when she saw Gu Mingzhe’s hurt expression.

This was the Prince Charming that she used to have a crush on! She had never thought that he would be so hurt by her today.

“Brother Mingzhe, are you going to leave now?”

Looking at Zhong Qianqian’s dissapointed gaze, Gu Mingzhe’s gloomy mood became slightly better. “Yes, I still have some matters to deal with at the hotel, I’ll contact you when I’m done with work.”

“Okay then Please drive slowly later, Brother Mingzhe.”

“Sure.” Gu Mingzhe looked at Zhong Qianqian tenderly, and the reluctance and forbearance in his eyes was quickly picked up by all the guests present. Some of the girls, conscious that they were unworthy of making moves on an international celebrity like Aiden, had sorry looks on their faces and could not wait to comfort the injured Master Gu.

At this time, Zhong Nuannuan sent Chi Yang, Leng Jinpeng and Qu Mingyi out.

At the sight of Zhong Nuannuan, Gu Mingzhe tried his best to hide the stunned look in his eyes and quickening heartbeat in his chest. He took a gift box from his assistant, then handed it to Zhong Nuannuan and said, “Nuannuan, this is a small token that I’d like to give you, congratulations on your release.”

“Thank you bro” Zhong Nuannuan said this before spotting Zhong Qianqian’s warning look, and quickly corrected herself. “Thank you Brother Mingzhe.”

Gu Mingzhe’s eyes dimmed slightly when he felt the sisters’ eye contact.

“You can open it to see if you like it.”


Zhong Nuannuan opened the gift box to see a brocade box of fine craftsmanship. When she opened the brocade box, she saw three bright and translucent jade plates carefully carved from fine white tallow jade laying inside.

The jade plates were separately carved with the shapes of a dragon, phoenix and unicorn.

All of them were considered auspicious beasts.

A guest who had done much research on jade stared at the pieces. “I’ve seen these three jade plates before. This used to be the treasure of the Hall of Mingyu, known as the Auspicious Luck Set. Its price 10 years ago was already set at 20 million.”

The guests immediately inhaled loudly, and began to gossip in hushed tones, suggesting that the Gu Family deserved to be a noble and famous family for casually giving out 20 million in one go.

Although Aiden was an international celebrity, judging by the cool personality of foreigners, it was impossible for him to provide a more valuable gift than Master Gu.

Gu Mingzhe’s expression improved as he heard the comments around him.

“Mingzhe, didn’t you already give a gift when you first came in? Why are you giving more? This is too expensive!” Zhong Kuijun’s eyes shone.

In reality, compared to the flashy Aiden, she felt that Gu Mingzhe was more reliable.

After all, no matter how rich a person was, not everybody was willing to give out a gift worth 20 million at a small banquet.