My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Big Boss What Are You Doing?

This was the top-grade mutton fat jade that he used to coax the Gu Family’s future daughter-in-law, and his father had even said that he was using a sledge-hammer on a gnat when he initially suggested it.

However, Aiden did just as well; a random chain of beads for her sister was already worth more than 100 million.


This was absolutely impossible!

Gu Mingzhe stared at Aiden as he waited to hear the words “It’s not that expensive” come out from his mouth.


“I didn’t expect to be able to meet an expert here.”

After the guest was praised, his cheeks flushed red as a jovial smile appeared on his face.

After receiving such a compliment from Aiden, many celebrities from Jiang District might come to ask him questions about this field in the future. Therefore, he could also get to know more rich and powerful people.

However, Aiden’s words immediately kicked Gu Mingzhe into the dust.

Sure enough, the identity of an international aristocrat was on a completely different level from his status as the son of one of the top four aristocrats in Emperor District.

It would be absolutely impossible for him to spend 100 million on a gift for an unrelated person, even if he did fancy Zhong Nuannuan.

As Jiang Shuwan and Zhong Qianqian’s eyeballs were about to drop out with shock and jealousy, Zhong Nuannuan closed the gift box. “Thank you Mr Aiden. However, this present is too expensive, I can’t accept it.”

Aiden was confused. Why did the big boss refuse it? The big boss usually took pleasure in milking his riches. Besides, she had also reminded him when she first learned that this chain of beads was going to be auctioned in Gang District. Her motive was clear, as her expression said, ‘I fancy this chain of beads, you know what to do’.

Maybe he misunderstood?

That was not possible!

In the end, Aiden read Zhong Nuannuan’s intention as that she was now a poor man’s daughter and was shocked, so she just needed time to accept it.

Fine then!

Aiden flashed the smile of a noble. “It’s just a small chain of beads. This is a small token from me, so please accept it, Miss Nuannuan.”

Zhong Nuannuan cursed silently.

‘My Chi Yang is here okay? How can I accept this 100 million gift in front of Chi Yang? Even if you’re now ready to pursue Zhong Qianqian, Zhong Qianqian’s sister is not worth a 100 million gift, you pig!’

“Mr Aiden, this gift is really too expensive, I really cannot accept it.”

Jiang Shuwan and Zhong Qianqian, who stood to the side, became anxious. Then. Jiang Shuwan walked right over to Zhong Nuannuan’s side and smiled at Aiden.

“Our family’s Nuannuan grew up in the farming district since she was young, and she was normally content if she just had enough food to eat. Thus, how could she see the value in such valuable, top-grade jewelry? Aiden, Auntie knows your feelings towards Qianqian, and this is enough. This gift is too precious, you should take it back.”

Aiden was completely dumbfounded, and deep in his eyes hid a question that only Zhong Nuannuan could understand.

‘Big boss, what are you doing?’

Zhong Nuannuan so badly wanted to step on this pig’s head, and she was just thinking about how to get him to take the gift back when Jiang Shuwan spoke again.

“Okay, okay, Nuannuan, you don’t have to embarrass Aiden anymore. It looks like Aiden’s feelings for your sister must be accepted.”

‘This is for my big boss, okay? How thick-faced are you for you to think that this is a token for Zhong Qianqian?’

“Aiden, Nuannuan won’t accept your gift. Allow myself as a mother to accept it on her behalf, and I’ll give it to her when she reaches adulthood.”

As she finished speaking, Jiang Shuwan reached out to accept (snatch) it, but Aiden’s hands moved away, which caused Jiang Shuwan to come away empty-handed. Her face showed signs of embarrassment.