My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 137

Chapter 137: Rich And Overbearing

Zhong Nuannuan finally voiced out to save her incompetent teammate.

“Let’s try this instead: I’m still a high school student, and it’s unsuitable for me to have valuable objects. Doesn’t Jiang District conduct an auction once every other month? Since Mr Aiden has given me this item, can I be in charge of auctioning it out again?”

The crowd suddenly exploded into discussion.

“Selling gifts from others for money?”

“What is she thinking?”

“Sure enough, she’s a country bumpkin from the valleys. So what if she’s so beautiful? She’s better kept under the table!”

“She’s such a disgrace to the Zhong Family!”

Zhong Kuijun, Jiang Shuwan and Zhong Qianqian’s facial expressions darkened.

Especially Zhong Qianqian.

She had never even received such a valuable gift from Aiden before, but now that Zhong Nuannuan has received it, she wanted to cash it out!

It was driving her nuts.

Jiang Shuwan saw that Zhong Qianqian was close to tearing up from anger, and she was just about to raise her voice to reproach Zhong Nuannuan when Zhong Nuannuan spoke slowly again.

“My fianc is a soldier. Although I’ve never entered the military base before, I’m full of longing and respect for the place. If you’re willing, I’ll donate all the proceeds from the auction of this chain of beads to the military base, how does that sound?”

Even though a 100 million llamas appeared in his head, ready to run, Aiden maintained his smile*. (TN: The word ‘llama’ is a homonym for a curse word in Mandarin, so in this case Aiden is actually cursing fervently in secret.)

“Of course. This is my gift for Miss Nuannuan, but of course, Miss Nuannuan will still have the final say on whether it will be kept or given away. I have a great admiration for Miss Nuannuan for having such an open and kind heart.”

Zhong Nuannuan smiled, then turned to look at Leng Jinpeng. “Uncle Leng, can I use this as a welcoming gift for my entrance to the military base as a military spouse?”

At this moment, Leng Jinpeng only felt astounded and amazed toward Chi Yang’s future wife, and his eyes gleamed with gratification.

“Being able to have a military spouse like you is a blessing for the soldiers and military base!”

After that, he looked towards Zhong Kuijun, who was unable to recover his composure in time and had a mixed expression on his face. “Commander Zhong, you have a good daughter! Although Nuannuan was separated from her family since childhood, her mentality is beyond the reach of many bootlicking wealthy nobles.”

As a general, Leng Jinpeng had no fear of offending people at all. As he finished his sentence, the guests who criticized Zhong Nuannuan for being too low-class to show in public and an embarrassment for the Zhong Family instantly fell silent, not daring to say another word.

At that moment, although Zhong Kuijun felt so distressed to the point that he started to feel the onset of angina, in the face of the commander-in-chief, he could only pretend to be generous, and laughed in a shrill voice. “I’m flattered, Commander-In-Chief Leng, I’m flattered.”

“Miss Nuannuan’s act has also touched ,e. Although I’m not a citizen of Camino, I’d like to contribute to the matter like Miss Nuannuan. Since it’s inconvenient for Miss Nuannuan to keep this chain of beads, I’ll keep it for Miss Nuannuan in the meantime. When the auction starts, I’ll take out another piece of treasure with the same value and auction it together with Miss Nuannuan’s piece.”

“Thank you Mr Aiden, for your kind act toward Jiang District’s military base.”

“I’m also moved by Miss Nuannuan’s compassion. Tianheng Holdings is an industry from Sab, but received a lot of support from your country. As the Vice President and executive CEO of Tianheng Holdings, I’m very grateful for your group. I feel honored to have such an opportunity.”

Gu Mingzhe’s stared became deeper and deeper. He looked at the bashful Zhong Qianqian, then finally walked to her dejectedly and silently.