My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 139

Chapter 139: Oh

“Nuannuan, come here, Mommy has something to tell you. Chi Yang, do you mind waiting here for a while?”

Upon receiving a reassuring look from Zhong Nuannuan, Chi Yang nodded as Jiang Shuwan pulled Zhong Nuannuan away.

“What’s wrong with you? Did your brain get eaten by a pig? A chain of beads worth 100 million! You just took matters in your own hands and donated it! Zhong Nuannuan, what bad deeds did I commit in my past life to have given birth to such a money-wasting loser like you?”

Zhong Nuannuan was pulled into the house by Jiang Shuwan, and once the door was shut, she was given a vicious scolding.

As she looked at Jiang Shuwan, who looked as if she was going to eat her alive, Zhong Nuannuan felt inexplicably delighted.

“I command you to get that chain of beads back from Aiden immediately, right now!”

Zhong Nuannuan acted innocent. “The thing is, I’ve already said that I’d donate it in front of all the guests.”

“How dare you!” Jiang Shuwan’s voice immediately rose from the C key to the G key. “That item belongs to Qianqian, so what right do you have in giving it away? Even if something has to be done with it, Qianqian should be the one handling it! Get this clear, the person that Aiden is pursuing is Qianqian! Even if Aiden gifted you something, it was all for Qianqian’s sake! Where did you get the right to decide to auction it? I’m telling you, this chain of beads belongs to Qianqian, it belongs to the Zhong Family! Even if it were to be exchanged for money, the money should be given to our Zhong Family too! Zhong Nuannuan, I don’t care how you do it, but in short, you need to go out and get the chain of beads back later without it affecting your dad, do you hear me? Besides, the Auspicious Luck Set that you gave to Chi Yang also belongs to Qianqian, so look for Chi Yang immediately after this and take it back!”

“Hmm, this chain of beads was my gift to Nuannuan for getting out of prison, it’s not for Qianqian. Since it’s Nuannuan’s gift, she has the right to dispose of it if she so pleases!”

Jiang Shuwan immediately pulled Zhong Nuannuan into the house, but the distance between the room on the first floor and the outside was not very great. What Jiang Shuwan did not expect was for Aiden’s voice to suddenly sound out behind her.

Jiang Shuwan’s heart dropped into her stomach, and she quickly turned around. Through the window, she saw Aiden looking at her with a displeased expression, almost angrily.

‘I’m finished!’

This was Jiang Shuwan’s first reaction.

“Aiden Aiden, listen to Auntie, that’s not the case, Auntie didn’t mean what she said earlier.”

“Then what did you mean? Auntie, you said that this item should belong to Zhong Qianqian.” Aiden stared at Jiang Shuwan from outside the window with a look of pity on his face.

“What What I mean to say is” Jiang Shuwan was extremely anxious, worried that if she did not handle the issue properly, she would end up chasing Aiden, the cash cow, away from Qianqian. The problem was that she had already expressed herself so fully that she did not know how to justify herself now. Thus, she could only turn around and glare fiercely at Zhong Nuannuan, signalling her to take over and turn the matter around.

However, Zhong Nuannuan only blinked her eyes, then proceeded to act like she was part of a drama-watching crowd, only lacking a watermelon in her arms to nibble at. Jiang Shuwan was almost suffocated by the anger in her heart.

“Actually, because Nuannuan grew up in the farming district from an early age, she doesn’t understand anything about auctions and donations at all. She thought that the money obtained from auctioning the chain of beads would belong to her, then she could imitate the people who used to donate to them on the mountains by forking out a few thousand to buy daily necessities for the military base and treat that as charity. That’s why I scolded her!”

“Mrs Zhong, do you think that I’m stupid?”

Jiang Shuwan was stunned. How could she find Aiden stupid? He was the Vice President of Tianheng Holdings!