My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Collapsed Chest

However, Zhong Qianqian’s mouth could not help but twitch when she saw Xue Miqi asking for trouble during their first meeting.

When she wanted to pounce on Chi Yang in the past, she had worn a fully transparent nude dress. However, she had almost been thrown to her death from the second floor, despite the fact that she was Zhong Nuannuan’s sister!

Meanwhile, this woman had no relation to Zhong Nuannuan Zhong Qianqian was almost certain that once that red wine spilled onto Chi Yang, the issue definitely would not be settled with just a simple apology.

However, Zhong Qianqian was happy to watch an incident like this happen.

This was because the worse the consequences of this were, the more Xue Miqi would suffer in school in the future.

About 0.01 seconds before the wine hit Chi Yang’s military uniform, Chi Yang’s body turned slightly, and the wine poured straight ahead.

As for Xue Miqi, in order to make it realistic, she completely freed herself at the moment before she came into contact with Chi Yang’s body. She planned to crash her whole body into his in a free fall, and she even adjusted her posture midair so that she would land chest-first.

She saw that she was almost about to fall into her ascetic male god’s arms, but the man moved away at the last moment, and Xue Miqi ended up stupidly falling toward the ground like a wild dog.

There was a stereo on the lawn which had been fashioned from stone. Xue Miqi was unlucky, and her expected landing point, combined with her momentum, meant that she fell directly onto the stone stereo.


With a scream that pierced through the sky, Zhong Qianqian hurriedly rushed forward.

“Chi Yang, quickly give me a hand and help her get up, she”

“Shove off!”

Zhong Qianqian was shocked!

Confronted with Chi Yang’s cold gaze, Zhong Qianqian was so frightened that she shuddered and thought back to the time when this man had almost killed her.

Xue Miqi’s breasts were specially made, and one could only imagine the pain from an impact like this. Under the torrent of tremendous pain, she could no longer keep up her appearance and immediately screamed in pain while clutching her almost-torn breast lining.

Leng Jinpeng, who was standing to one side, cast a cold glance toward Xue Miqi. He then faced Ye Boyan, whom he had been waiting for an opportunity to speak to and whom he was currently stood next to, and asked, “Mr Ye, are you the director of Jia Yong?”

“Yes, yes! Commander-in-chief, you have such a good memory, you’ve only spoken to me once before, but you still remember me.” Ye Boyan was so happy that his face beamed.

“Jia Yong is also considered a good school in Jiang District, as its faculty is even better than the top middle school in the state. Although I also know that Jia Yong is a school for aristocrats, and focuses not on the students’ achievements but on their family background, the students’ moral education should not be overlooked as well.”

When Ye Boyan heard this, he blushed, and then nodded quickly. “Yes, yes, you’re right, commander-in-chief. When I go to the school tomorrow, I will definitely convey your thoughts to the President. I also think that moral education is really important; look at these girls, ending up in this state just to hook up with men. How ridiculous does this look?”

Ye Boyan cleared himself of any misunderstandings, but not forgetting to slander Zhong Qianqian’s name in the process. After all, Zhong Qianqian already had Aiden, so who told her to be reluctant to introduce Gu Mingzhe to his family’s Lil Xi earlier?

“Director Ye, apart from this student, is there anyone else like that? My family’s Qianqian is just supporting her classmate, and the words you’ve just said while looking at her might end up causing unnecessary misunderstandings.”

Zhong Kuijun’s words hurt Ye Boyan’s pride, but when he recalled that they had even reeled in someone like Aiden, he could only swallow his pride.

“Qianqian, I’m sorry, I don’t think we’re fit to be together.”