My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 144

Chapter 144: Money Loser

As Chi Yang’s heart pounded like thunder, his palms almost sweating from nervousness, suddenly, Zhong Nuannuan tiptoed and planted a light kiss on his cheek.


“Okay, goodbye.”

Chi Yang left with the commander-in-chief and chief of staff. He remained light-headed up to the moment when he sat down in the car, as if he were floating on clouds. It felt unreal.

When Leng Jinpeng saw this, he could not help but smile, and felt very gratified.

Zhong Kuijun watched this entire scene from beginning to end, and he sighed when he thought about what the commander-in-chief had told him. At least he still had one useful daughter.

After the important figures left one after another, the other guests gradually dispersed as well. Although the two men that admired Zhong Qianqian both made everyone feel shocked and envious, in the end it was all a wild goose chase.

However, nobody dared to underestimate the Zhong Family. After all, the Zhong Family had two daughters, and although Zhong Qianqian was defeated, Zhong Nuannuan was like a flower in full bloom.

Nobody could imagine what kind of prestige the Zhong Family would achieve if Zhong Nuannuan really completed her marriage with Chi Yang half a year later.

After all, he was already a captain at the age of 26. In 20 years, or maybe even less than that, the entire military base of Jiang District might already be under the rule of that outstanding military officer!

With the Zhong Family like this, how could anyone take them lightly?

Thus, everyone comforted Zhong Kuijun as sincerely as they could, and advised him to look on the bright side. At least he still had Chi Yang, a prospective son-in-law with limitless prospects.

After sending off the guests outside, Zhong Kuijun quickly asked Zhong Nuannuan about Aiden. Zhong Nuannuan therefore proceeded to relay the whole incident without missing a word, and Zhong Kuijun flew into a rage as his insides burst with fury.

Zhong Nuannuan followed Zhong Kuijun into the house, and the moment she stepped in, Zhong Qianqian rushed over and swung her arm as she prepared to slap her.

Zhong Nuannuan had quick reflexes, and she quickly grabbed Zhong Qianqian’s hand. However, she used excessive force to do so, and Zhong Qianqian screamed out in pain.

“Zhong Nuannuan, you money-loser, it’s all because of you that your sister’s marriage fell apart, how dare you fight back. I’ll beat you to death, you wretch!”

Jiang Shuwan had already been aggravated to the point of insanity, and she pinned the blame of Gu Mingzhe and Aiden leaving Zhong Qianqian onto Zhong Nuannuan. When she saw her own daughter defeated, she totally forgot that she was supposed to still be playing the role of a kind mother, and she rushed forward to hit her.


Jiang Shuwan staggered backward a few steps from the sheer force of the loud slap, then fell to the ground. Before she managed to recover, Zhong Kuijun started to point at her nose as he gave her a vicious scolding.

“Jiang Shuwan, you madwoman! You’re the wretch, the money-loser! If it wasn’t for you scolding Nuannuan in front of Aiden, then Aiden would not have felt disappointed with our family! You cheap woman, you only care about petty profits. You’re the one who ruined Qianqian’s marriage yourself, but not only did you refuse to repent, you were arrogant enough to hit others. Try touching Nuannuan again if you have the guts! If you dare to harm a single hair on her head, you’d better pack up and go back to the old Jiang Family house!”

“Dad, how can you do this? Even if Zhong Nuannuan has Chi Yang’s support, you can’t be so biased! It’s clearly Zhong Nuannuan’s fault! She clearly saw Aiden but didn’t remind Mom, which caused Mom to embarrass herself in front of him. It’s because of this that the Zhong Family had lost such a strong supporter in him, and ended up turning me into the biggest joke in Jiang District! It’s all because of her, all because of this tramp!”