My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 146

Chapter 146: Boss You Are So Cunning And Brilliant

After going up the stairs, Zhong Nuannuan called Aiden. Soon, Aiden’s stupid voice came over the phone.

“Oh, boss, did I perform well just now? Does the b*tch Jiang Shuwan regret it so much that she’s kicking herself? Has the little heartbroken b*tch Zhong Qianqian jumped off a building?”

Zhong Nuannuan raised her eyebrow. “The b*tch doesn’t know what hit her. Is the report out?”

“Boss, you are so cunning and brilliant!”

“You already knew that, right?”

“Uh huh. The report says that the DNA similarity between you and Zhong Kuijun is 99.99%, pointing toward a father-daughter relationship. But you and Jiang Shuwan are not related by blood.”

Zhong Nuannuan’s expression changed.

As expected, it was not biological.

“What about Zhong Qianqian? Is she and Jiang Shuwan mother and daughter? ”

“Hey, boss, I’m about to report two particularly interesting things to you.”

Zhong Nuannuan raised her eyebrow. “What is it?”

“The first thing is, from the DNA testing, it turns out that Zhong Qianqian and Zhong Kuijun only have a father-daughter relationship, but she shares no blood relation to Jiang Shuwan.”

“How can that be?!”

Jiang Shuwan’s protectiveness over Zhong Qianqian, especially after experiencing Anna’s wrath countless times, was akin to a mother hen standing up to protect Zhong Qianqian. How could she not be Zhong Qianqian’s mother?

“Yeah, I can’t figure this out either. I took a look at the two reports and found something very interesting. The genetic similarity between you and Zhong Qianqian and Zhong Kuijun is 99.99%, but the similarity with Jiang Shuwan is only 0.01%.”

After hearing Aiden’s words, Zhong Nuannuan narrowed her eyes slightly.

“For both the reports?”

“Yeah. Both of them! Boss, isn’t it mysterious? Zhong Qianqian and you are like twin sisters! Although I got the results on the second day, in order to double check everything, I divided the remaining hair into two parts and ran tests at two other hospitals. It’s only been a few days before I reported back to you.”

“Stop talking nonsense, tell me the results.”

“The result is that the DNA similarity between you and Zhong Qianqian is 100%. Hahaha… This is hilarious. The two reports came out the same.”

Zhong Nuannuan remained silent for a while before she spoke quietly. “We both have the same blood.”


Zhong Nuannuan fell silent again.

She had certain research and knowledge on pharmacology and pathology. The possibility of them having the same blood was miniscule, even if they were twins.

Not to mention, judging from Jiang Shuwan’s attitude toward her and Zhong Qianqian, Zhong Qianqian was definitely her own child.

Therefore, it was no wonder that in Zhong Qianqian’s last life, she so easily mixed into the Nangong family and became the daughter of the Nangong family.

It turned out that the two of them shared the same blood.


“Yes! Boss, do you have any orders?” Since returning to a normal life, Aiden felt bored to death.

Hearing the boss’s call, Aiden straightened his back as every cell in his body begged: Get involved! Get involved! I want to get involved!

“What happened to the people you sent to investigate Nangong Yu?”

“Since the distance is quite far away, it will take time. At the moment, I have too little news, just some interesting bits and pieces. Even if I don’t say those things, you will surely be able to guess them boss, since you’re so smart.”

“Then, continue your investigation. By the way, help me look into my trafficker back when I was 3. See if I had a bone marrow transplant operation with Zhong Qianqian. In addition to that, come to my school tomorrow and I will give you another sample.”