My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Commander Sit Tight

A black car drove surreptitiously on the road when the red light came on. The car stopped and waited at the intersection.

Following from behind was a truck, big and fast, as it came down another road. It was about to reach the red-light junction, but instead of slowing down, it picked up speed.

“Go! Drive!”

Chi Yang, who was seated in the back seat of the car suddenly shouted. Although the reaction of the guards in the front was half a beat slow, they were still able to step on it.

While the black car looked low-key, the engine had been modified. An ordinary car could accelerate to 100 kilometers in 12 seconds, but this modified version could hit 100 kilometers in 4 seconds, which was equivalent to the speed of an advanced supercar.

The big truck rushed over very quickly. It looked as if it was about to hit the back of the car when it was spotted, causing its target to flee.

However, the big truck was still on them as it charged toward the black car as fast as possible.

The black car dashed across the red-light junction, having just narrowly avoided impact with the big truck. However, at that moment, three more trucks rushed over from both sides of the road. In addition to the chasing truck behind them, a total of four trucks surrounded the black car that Chi Yang was in and crashed into the black car with suicidal impact.

“Chen Wei, break through on the left!”

“Yes, sir!” The driver, Chen Wei, took the lead immediately after receiving Chi Yang’s order. Even if there was a truck on the left rushing toward them, Chen Wei did not hesitate to accelerate in that direction.

At the same time, there was a loud bang. A bullet flew out of the gun barrel in Chi Yang’s hand and broke through the window of the car like a thunderbolt. It rushed out of the window, passed through the thick iron sheet and accurately hit the left ankle of the truck driver, who then stepped on the accelerator.


There was a sudden, severe pain in his foot. Even though he wanted to be brave and unyielding, his muscular instincts made it such that moment his foot was penetrated, he unconsciously let go of the gas.

At the same time as this was happening, his whole body leaned back subconsciously, and the hand holding the steering wheel involuntarily hit a plate and slammed into the truck that was coming from the back.

There was a gap in front of the black car that was originally going to be smashed like a sandwich, but the driver quickly shouted, “Commander, sit tight!”

Chen Wei’s voice dropped and the car suddenly swerved to the left, causing the whole car to swerve to the left. It turned so hard that it ended up leaning on its front and rear left-side tires to skim through the gap.


The four trucks in the rear collided the moment the black car passed through the gap.

Chen Wei did not dare make the slightest mistake and quickly floored it.


A violent explosion came from the trucks and flames soon erupted like a volcano into the sky.

In an instant, the huge mushroom cloud, resembling a giant beast from ancient times, swallowed the four trucks in its mouth.

The shapeless gas cloud expanded in all directions. Even though Chen Wei was pushing the car to its limits, they still could not avoid it.

The moment the gas cloud reached them, Chi Yang braced himself by using both his hands to press against the sides of the car. Right after this, an invisible gold-black current-like force wrapped the entire car tightly.

The car flew more than 20 meters into the air, somersaulting one and a half times before it fell upside down to the ground.