My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Escaping Alive

It was hit with such force that even a bulletproof vehicle would be crushed. As its body was violently deformed, the people inside also took a hard hit.

“Hold onto the body tightly!”

At the sound of Chi Yang’s order, Leng Jinpeng and Qu Mingyi both fastened their seat belts and hugged the back of the chair firmly.


The moment the roof of the car hit the ground, Chi Yang braced himself against the vehicle with his hands. A dark golden light poured out from his palm as the whole vehicle was catapulted into the air. However, after a 180-degree flip, it landed on its tires.

“Start the car, let’s go.”

Chen Wei was still caught in the adrenaline of having almost lost his life, but upon hearing Chi Yang’s order, he instantly recovered and stepped on the accelerator, causing the car to go rushing out like an arrow.

Chi Yang only free to worry about Leng Jinpeng once the car had sped away like a hurricane and the personnel from the Department of Special Forces Team had received a call from the commander-in-chief asking them for support.

“Commander, are you okay?”

Leng Jinpeng’s expression was extremely ugly at that moment as he waved his hand over his chest, feeling a little weak.

“I’m fine, don’t worry about me. The fact that we survived today is thanks to you. They are still waiting for your instructions, so you should go quickly.”

Chi Yang looked at Qu Mingyi again and the other person immediately waved his hand, “I’m fine. Chi Yang, thank you very much for ensuring that I could escape death today.”

“It’s my job.”

At this moment, it was as if frost had formed around Chi Yang’s body as he pushed open the door and left.

Outside the door stood hundreds of Special Forces soldiers. They were equipped with guns and stood over 185cm tall as they looked solemn and waited for Chi Yang’s order.

“Commander, is there something wrong?”

Quanyi’s panicked cry came from the car…

Very quickly, Leng Jinpeng was secretly taken to Shu (TN: short name for Sichuan province) Hospital.

By the time Chi Yang was done dealing with the suicide attacks, it was already night.

In Leng Jinpeng’s ward was both Qu Mingyi and Ye Hai, Leng Jinpeng’s son.

After spotting Chi Yang, Qu Mingyi immediately stood up and greeted him. Ye Hai also got up, their eyes full of idol worship. “Brother Chiyang.”

Chi Yang nodded in response to his greeting.

“Has everything been taken care of?”

“Well,” Chi Yang looked at Leng Jinpeng, “how is the commander?”

“It’s an old issue, so it’s fine. Two days of fluid infusion and he’ll be alright. His biggest problem is not with the heart, but the liver and stomach.”

Qu Mingyi was frowning as he thought of the commander’s condition.

“Did you find out who it was?”

“Viper’s men.”

Qu Mingyi sneered. “We haven’t done anything to them. yet they’re exerting dominance by making the first move! Those exiles are too savage!”

“They… have the means to be savage.”

“Oh? Why do you say that?”

Chi Yang did not continue.

Realizing that there were still people around, Qu Mingyi turned to Ye Haidao and said, “Ye Hai, go out first and come back in later.”

Ye Hai immediately got up. “Yes.”

Only after Ye Hai left did Chi Yang continue, “There are traitors in the Department of War, and they hold high-ranking positions.”

“What?” Qu Mingyi’s eyes burst up as a sharp bright light immediately shot into his eyes.

“How do I say this

“The last movement failed. I have been reviewing it myself, but no matter how I look at it, the distributed control was the best plan at the time. Even if the enemy was better, it was impossible for them to wipe out the minefield and escape successfully. Therefore, I suspect that there was a traitor at the time.

“This time around, Chen Wei drove a new car. The car had just been modified to appear low-key, and we also used an ordinary license plate. Even so, the other party was able to find us.”