My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 149

Chapter 149: The Apparent Price

Qu Mingyi then analyzed Chi Yang’s statement. “We didn’t know many people in that banquet we attended. We knew even less in the state meeting in the afternoon. The other party could have ambushed us while we went to the meeting since they know of our whereabouts like the back of their hand. Thus, going off those two facts, the traitor must be amongst the attendees.”

“It’s not that easy.”

“Why not?”

“Zhong Kuijun is a person who likes to show off a lot. So, people are bound to know that the commander was going to make an appearance at his house for the banquet, what more the head of departments.”

Qu Mingyi frowned.

“The department leader knows that we cannot rule out the possibility of the lower-ranks knowing about this. This is what makes the matter so difficult to investigate.”

Qu Mingyi took a deep breath. He was very quickly getting pissed off at Zhong Kuijun.

“I don’t know how such a person could give birth to such an excellent daughter like Nuannuan. He always felt that it was because of your influence that he was considered underqualified as he chased a promotion. However, as everyone knows, the main reason for him not being promoted to captain is his own poor character.”

Qu Mingyi looked at Chiyang. “How do you plan to deal with this matter?”

“Let’s observe for now. Wait until their next move and then we will speak again.”

“That’s the only thing we can do.” Qu Mingyi sighed. “The frequent and savage activities of foreign gangs led by Viper in Jiang District have attracted the attention of those above. If they cannot be dealt with quickly, those above us will start to look down on us. However, ever since you came to Jiang District, especially after the arrest operation that lost him his soldiers, their activities have become much more infrequent. Now I just want to catch them, but I am afraid it will not be that easy.”

“They will pretend to be good citizens who are normal and law-abiding. As long as they don’t do anything that breaks the law, I will not arrest them.”

Qu Mingyi’s mouth twitched.

He wants to let the extremely vicious and evil mafia play off being good, law-abiding citizens? There is nothing wrong with this statement!

“So, you mean to…fight a battle of attrition with them?”

“Whether it ends up being battle of attrition depends on how long they are willing to continue being good citizens.”

“If you can blame it on those at the top…”

“I’m at the top.”

Come on! This is what we want to hear from your Highness!

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

“Come in.”

Ye Hai walked in and said, “Reporting, Chief of Staff Xiaorui is here.”

The lines on Qu Mingyi’s face softened. “Xiao Rui is here? Quickly, let him in.”

“Xiao Rui, come in. Dad wants to see you most.”

Hearing Leng Qirui’s name, the previously drowzy Leng Jinpeng opened his eyes slowly, but what he saw was Ye Hai warmly welcoming a Leng Qirui with a dark and sullen face, as if he held a hatred for the whole world. He did not greet anyone after entering the ward.

Leng Jinpeng’s face also darkened instantly.

Seeing that Leng Jinpeng had opened his eyes, Ye Hai was very excited. “Dad, you finally woke up. How are you feeling? Better? Xiaorui came to see you!”

After saying this, he said to Leng Qirui, “Xiao Rui, quick, look, Dad is awake. You didn’t know, but Dad had been in a coma for six hours. He only woke up when you came in, and you can see that Dad is happy just from hearing your name!”

“Are you dumb? Don’t you know how to greet people when you enter?”

Leng Jinpeng’s face was black and sullen.

Leng Qirui took a deep breath, as if suppressing the anger in his heart, and then said, “Uncle Qu, Brother Chi Yang.”