My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 150

Chapter 150: The Ward Fell Silent

Chi Yang just nodded his head, but Qu Mingyi had a huge smile on his face and said reassuringly, “Xiao Rui, your father is usually busy with work, but he really misses you. If you are free, please come to the Department of War to see your dad. Recently, your dad has not been in good health. Although I can help take care of him, he is still an outsider.”

Leng Qirui was about to speak, but was interrupted by Ye Hai.

“Xiao Rui, your dad really needs your care. Besides, you don’t want to go to school either, so why not simply move to the Department of War and live there so your dad can feel at ease while watching you, and where you can also help take care of him?”

When he had first heard that Leng Jinpeng was not in good health, Leng Qirui had planned to move and live in the Department of War but was interrupted by Ye Hai. The anger in Leng Qirui’s heart instantly rose and he swept over Ye Hai in a wave of rage.

“He is my dad, not your dad. It’s my business whether to stay or not. Why do you speak nonsense and act like a dick every day? Ye Hai, I told you not to hang around in front of Lao Tzu. Do you understand the human language?”


Leng Jinpeng was dissatisfied with Leng Qirui’s attitude as he listened to him talking to his brotherlike this despite the fact that Ye Hai had always been tolerant to him. Thus, he could not contain his anger and grabbed the glass on the bedside table before throwing it toward Leng Qirui.


Qu Mingyi shouted with horror, but Leng Jinpeng’s cup still smashed right against Leng Qirui’s forehead. The other party had a dark expression and did not hide it.

It was not until blood had trickled down from his forehead that Leng Jinpeng recovered from his rage and realized what he had just done. If he wanted to apologize, he would need to face Leng Qirui’s expressionless mug as well as accept his harsh criticism of Ye Hai. Therefore, he swallowed his words.

“Xiao Rui, are you okay?”

Ye Hai took the tissue box from the bedside table and walked to Leng Qirui. He quickly pulled out a few sheets of tissue, preparing to personally treat the wound.

However, as he reached out, Leng Qirui instantly became like a beast, slapping away Ye Hai’s hand and roaring extremely angrily, “I told you to leave, don’t you understand?!”

“Bastard, he is your brother!”

Leng Qirui sneered and asked, “Was he born from my mother’s womb?”

Leng Jinpeng was speechless.

“He’s just lodged under anotherperson’s roof.1We gave him some face and now he thinks he can be the master? Stupid bumpkin!”

“Leng Qirui, enough! Uh…”

“Commanderl, what’s wrong with you?” Qu Mingyi saw Leng Jinpeng covering his heart. Knowing he was sick, he quickly rang the bell to call the doctor.

The doctor immediately inspected Leng Jinpeng and eased his worries. Then he said, “The commander’s heart disease is flaring up and should not be stimulated. If there is anything that makes him emotional, please make sure to keep it away. It’s not a major issue but it’s no laughing matter eitherit’s still very dangerous.

“Even after being discharged from the hospital, his emotions cannot fluctuate. I also hope that all the officers and their families will take note of this. ”

After the doctor left, the ward fell silent.

After Leng Jinpeng steadied his breathing, he asked his son, “Did you go to school this time?”

Leng Qirui did not answer. Qu Mingyi and Ye Hai also just looked at each other as they could imagine what the answer was.

Leng Jinpeng closed his eyes and sighed heavily.

“Since you don’t want to study, go to the Department of War after graduation. When you do decide to study, then you can always go to the university at the Department of War.”

The moment Ye Hai heard Leng Jinpeng let Leng Qirui enter the Department of War, his downward-cast eyes lit up slightly.