My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 151

Chapter 151: He Looked Down On Leng Qirui

“I’m not going to the military base,” Leng Qirui said in an icy tone.

“Do you think you have a say in this?”

“My aspiration is not to be in the military base. That’s your dream, not mine.”

“Heh, so your dream is to become a lowlife? Sure, if you’re lucky, you can be a lowlife for the rest of your life. If you’re not, you’ll just be in and out of the police station every other month, is that it? I’m saying this today, Leng Qirui, if anyone dares to bail you out the next time you go back to the police station, they’ll never stand in front of me again!”

Qu Mingyi’s complexion turned slightly green as he slowly crinkled his nose.

This was hard for him, as well!

“What lowlife? You don’t even understand my dreams; what right do you have to say that my dream is to become a lowlife?”

“Oh, a Year 3 Senior who plays games in an Internet cafe all day long and is unemployed. Is that the dream you’re talking about? Will you be able to support yourself in the future by doing that?”

He looked at Leng Jinpeng’s face that was turning red, and began getting worried that it would affect his health once more. Hence, Leng Qirui swallowed his anger and said, “I’m tired of discussing this matter with you.”

Then, Leng Qirui proceeded to lift his backpack and prepared to leave.

“Lil Rui, are you not going to spend more time with your father?” Qu Mingyi’s face was getting distorted.

Only he knew how much the commander-in-chief cherished Leng Qirui. Nevertheless, the father and son duo would have a row every time they saw each other. Even worse, shortly afterward, the commander-in-chief would be deeply hurt about it for a good few days, but would soon start another spat, and so on… It was a vicious cycle.

He suspected that if this continued, the commander-in-chief would sooner or later die from an excess of anger caused by his son.

Faced with Qu Mingyi urging for him to stay, Leng Qirui retorted with a cold sneer. “Doesn’t he have a perfectly good son here to accompany him? We lowlifes are merely a disturbance to him anyway.”

After uttering these words, he slammed the door and left.

“If you can’t get into a university, I’ll tie you up and send you to the military base!”

Leng Jinpeng’s powerful voice could be heard through the door, and a trace of viciousness flashed across Leng Qirui’s face.

“I’ll go and talk to him!”

Ye Hai already opened the door and chased after him before completing his sentence.

At the same time, Qu Mingyi hastily stepped forward to pacify Leng Jingpeng. Now, only Chi Yang, who felt like an outsider was left behind. Suddenly, his phone started to ring.

He looked at the caller ID, and the iciness in his eyes instantly softened as he went out to answer the phone.


“Chi Yang, I just heard from my dad that you, Uncle Leng, and the others were ambushed today? Are you all alright? Did you get hurt?”

Chi Yang frowned upon hearing this. Even after ordering repeatedly for them not to leak this information, it news had got out anyway.

“We were ambushed. But, there’s no need to worry. Everything’s fine now.”

“That’s good to hear. Then, what about Uncle Leng and Uncle Qu? How are they doing?”

“The commander’s heart is not in good condition, so he’s quite worked up. We’re now at the hospital getting nutrient fluids for his heart. They said he’d be fine in two days.”

“Then, arrange a time for me tomorrow. I’ll come and visit.”

The moment he heard that his little wife was coming over, Chi Yang’s mood turned sunny once more.

“Alright. What time are you free tomorrow? I’ll schedule it.”

After taking the phone call, Chi Yang heard Ye Hai and Leng Qirui talking at the end of the corridor.

Frankly speaking, he looked down on Leng Qirui.

He relied on the fact that he was Leng Jinpeng’s son and was always up to various kinds of mishaps. If he were his son, he would have already beaten him to death!

“Lil Rui, Dad’s doing this for your own good. Why do you have to quarrel with him because of this? His body is not in good health, can’t you just do what he says?”

“There’s no one else here, Ye Hai. So, put away that disgusting face of yours. If you’re so worried about my dad dying, then don’t scheme so much behind his back! Do you think that he’ll be able to live a long life if I die? And if he died, heh, do you think those around him would even take care of you? Who do you think you are?”