My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 153

Chapter 153: Stupid Cnt

Afterward, Zhong Nuannuan took out a thin syringe from her bag. The tip of the syringe was about ten centimeters long, and she inserted it into Zhong Qianqian’s thigh, reaching the inner muscles.

Soon enough, there was blood seen inside the syringe.

After making sure that there was enough blood in the tube, she pulled out the needle and helped her treat the almost invisible wound. Then, she sealed the blood in the test tube and left quietly.

Zhong Nuannuan looked like a night fairy after changing into a black riding suit. She jumped down from the third floor and disappeared from the borders of the Zhong residence.

After picking up the key under a secret tree near the neighborhood, Zhong Nuannuan went to get her ride at the designated location.


Where’s her Ecosse Spirit?

Selina that stupid c*nt!!!

Zhong Nuannuan was infuriated and did not waste a second before dialing Selina’s phone number. Not long after, she could hear that sweet voice on the other end of the line.

“Big boss!”

“Big boss, my *ss! Where’s my Ecosse Spirit? Why did my Ecosse Spirit turn into a pink battery-powered scooter?”

This was too much!

Upon hearing Zhong Nuannuan’s complaint, Selena laughed frantically over the phone.

“Aiyo, big boss. You’re only a high school student now, why are you riding an Ecosse Spirit?! There are electronic eyes everywhere in the Jiang District, so if by any chance your cool beauty was recorded down, what awful mess would that be! You’re still a student of great ability that still has to go to medical university! The battery-powered scooter was modified to reach a speed of 80 kilometers per hour, and I personally modified it myself! How is it, big boss? Don’t you think the color is very kawaii?”

Zhong Nuannuan, “… =_=!!”

Her heart was swirling with cuss words that she was contemplating on letting out.

Zhong Nuannuan hung up the phone firmly. Then, she rode the battery-powered scooter at a high-speed, advancing toward the location where she agreed to meet with Aiden and Selena.

She rode the scooter at its top speed, and was surprised to see that it really did hit 80 kilometers per hour.

As soon as her expression brightened up, she thought of her Ecosse Spirit that could go 370 kilometers per hour, and Zhong Nuannuan’s darkened once more.

That little lady was really

The true epitome of‘three days without a beating, and a child would scale the roof and rip off the tiles!’1

As it was relatively late to go out, Zhong Nuannuan used the shortcut lane the whole time. Who would have thought that she would run into a group of motorbike-riding thugs that would stop her from advancing further once she reached a demolition site?

To be precise, the group of thugs was in the process of assaulting another person. However, due to the high number of people, the entire path had been cut off.

Zhong Nuannuan rode her little pink battery-powered scooter and quickly drove right in front of this group of people.

“Excuse me.”

The group of lowlifes spotted Zhong Nuannuan from far away. However, if an ordinary person were to see them, would they not p*ss in their pants in terror and hurriedly turn around and leave the scene immediately? Hence, if they noticed that someone was coming over, the group of people would simply surround the man that was in the middle, so people passing by would think that it was merely a gathering of lowlifes with motorbikes.

Who would have thought that this person, a young lady to boot, would use her battery-powered scooter and ride right through them instead of taking a detour? Not to mention, she even said the words, “Excuse Me.”!!!

The group of thugs was stunned by this, and Zhong Nuannuan took advantage while they were distracted to stall them by flashing forward in a jiffy. Furthermore, she even used the corner of her eyes to glance at the assaulted person. That person seemed to already be vomiting blood at the corner of the wall.

The person looked a little familiar, but after giving it some thought, she could not recall where she had seen the person before. Therefore, it was probably not anyone important.

Just as Zhong Nuannuan was about to ride away from the scene, a voice from behind suddenly stopped her.

“Stop right there!”

As soon as the voice called out, a motorbike in front of her immediately circled around and surrounded Zhong Nuannuan.

There were dazzlingly cool heavy-duty motorbikes gunning their engines. At the same time, the one in their middle was merely a small battery-powered scooter that was about three times smaller than their heavy-duty motorbikes.