My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Classmate

In contrast, the battery-powered scooter looked like a deer surrounded by a pride of lions. Matched with the girl’s slender and weak body, it was bursting with night-devouring beauty.

All of a sudden, the pink battery-powered scooter also let out a loud vroom, and performed a perfect 180-degree fishtail. Its beautiful and graceful movements stunned the group of watching thugs.

Zhong Nuannuan looked toward the leader of the thugs and asked, “Is there anything you need?”

The thug boss was amused by Zhong Nuannuan’s question. “We’re beating up someone here!”

Zhong Nuannuan glanced at the injured person next to her. The longer she looked at him, the more familiar he seemed, but she just could not place him.

“Yes, I saw.”

The thug boss was surprised when he saw Zhong Nuannuan being so calm. He immediately sneered when he recalled her provocative behavior of asking them to “make way”. “It turns out that you’re a helper!”

Zhong Nuannuan was speechless.

“Leng Qirui, you’re a prince-level character after all, how can you be so frightened? You don’t even have a person to save you when you’re in trouble. Could it be that you sent a text earlier just to ask for help from this lady?”

Leng Qirui thought, ‘… Do I look like I’m stupid?’

At the same time, Zhong Nuannuan thought, ‘… Leng Qirui? I remember now! This is Uncle Leng’s son.’

She had received news of Leng Qirui’s death when she came out of prison and went back to school in her past life. It was only then that Jia Yong’s principal found out that the stud of Jia Yong Senior High, Leng Qirui was the son of the commander-in-chief of Jiang District’s military base, and was an even higher aristocrat than the son of Jiang District’s governor.

The reason why she felt that he was familiar could have been because she coincidentally uploaded Ye Mengxi’s love letter for Leng Qirui onto the internet when she was pranking Ye Mengxi in her past life, so they had met once before.

However, they had only met once, so it was no wonder that she could not remember.

“Why do you want to kill him?” Zhong Nuannuan asked.

The thug boss was stunned, and his eyes immediately gleamed with an eerie murderous intention as he slowly walked toward Zhong Nuannuan.

“I only said that we’re beating up someone, but you said that we want to kill him. How did you know that we want to kill him? Who told you this? Was it him, or did you receive other news?” The thug boss became fully alert at that moment.

Zhong Nuannuan glanced at Leng Qirui, who was clutching his stomach and incessantly using eye gestures to signal her to leave, then simply turned off the engine and got off the battery-powered scooter.

After glancing at the thug boss, Zhong Nuannuan completely ignored the thugs and walked straight toward Leng Qirui.

“Classmate Leng, are you alright? Did they hit your stomach? Did they kick or use a stick? Remove your hand, and I’ll take a look for you.”

Classmate Leng?

Everyone present, including Leng Qirui, could not help but twitch their mouths after hearing those three words.

Apparently, this was a student of Jia Yong?

“Hahaha It turns out you’re classmates!”

The thug boss was originally still alert, but he completely let go after hearing her address him this way and laughed loudly. The other thugs who were beside him started to laugh as well.

Leng Qirui’s expression looked extremely ugly.

This woman wore a helmet and he could not see her face, but he was certain that she passed this place by accident. These were all inhuman executioners and desperados, so once she intervened, it would be difficult to leave.

Leng Qirui stretched out his hand and pulled Zhong Nuannuan behind him, then said to the thug boss, “She’s an irrelevant person, let her go and I’ll go with you.”

“Wow, I didn’t know that Prince Leng had such protective tendencies toward the fairer sex. No wonder so many girls like you in school. Hahaha However, she has already seen us, why should we let her go?”