My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Goddess


The thug boss’s head looked like it was hit by a heavy hammer from the slap, and his face swelled to an auburn color.

“He already said that he would pay you ten times the price, but you didn’t want it, and you told me repeatedly that you want to be professional. So, I was wondering just how professional you could be, since you’re like tofu skin that softens after entering a hot pot. Are you really a professional?”

“Goddess! Please have mercy, we don’t bear any hatred toward Master Leng, we’re just accepting other people’s money to help them eliminate their problems. You If you don’t like us, shall we call 110 by ourselves?”

The thug boss even thought of committing suicide by hitting his head against the wall. He would rather have a wave of policemen take them to the police station at this moment and sentence him to life imprisonment for attempted murder than face this she-devil!

He felt that his life was totally unguaranteed in the hands of this she-devil…

“Slap!” There was another loud smack.

The thug boss spit out a big mouthful of blood again. He felt that his brains were almost scrambled from the impact.

“You already said that you wanted to be professional! You’re so frightened do you still want to keep your reputation as an assassin? Do you still want to develop?”

When he heard Zhong Nuannuan repeating the exact words back to him, the thug boss felt extremely regretful, and he cried until he looked as if his mother had died.

“Goddess, we’re not assassins, we’re just thugs!” He sobbed.

“Slap!” There was another ear-deafening slap.

The thug boss realized that he only had one tooth left in his mouth. Even that tooth had loosened.

“If you’re a thug, then you should do what thugs do. Why are you pretending to be an assassin out here? No matter how delicious something is, it still depends whether you can stomach it and whether you’d be bloated to death after eating it. Remember this sentence there’s always someone stronger than you. Since you’re living a life of crime, you should keep a low profile, otherwise you’ll have to pay for it sooner or later, understand?”

“Understand! Yes, I understand!” The thug boss nodded aggressively, and his last loose tooth fell off from the vigorous shaking.

“I can choose not to kill all of you too, but tell me, who bribed you?”

A hint of hopelessness flashed through the eyes of the thug boss, and he burst into tears again.

“We don’t know either! This person doesn’t want us to know who he ishe just gives us orders via text message, then remits money to me after the deed is done.” He blubbered.

“Give me your cell phone.”


The thug boss was like a good son, and immediately offered his cell phone with both hands, then clicked open the interface. “This is the message I’ve received These are the three previous remittance records. Ah”

As soon as the thug boss had finished speaking, there was a hoarse scream.

Like the followers under him, the thug boss’ right hand was crushed.

After placing the cell phone into her bag, Zhong Nuannuan stood up. “You’re definitely going to squat in prison. In order to prevent you from returning to your old profession after being released, I destroyed everyone’s right hands as my welcoming gift in educating all of you to return down the right path. There’s no need to thank me.”

The thug boss and his followers were speechless.

What a huge welcome gift! How could they refuse?

As he observed everyone’s bitter expressions, Leng Qirui, who was sitting on the ground out of exhaustion, could not help but burst out laughing.

This girl was so cute!

“Hello? Is this the police? There is a gang murder here, please come quickly. The place is”

Gang murder!!!

The motorcycle thugs lay on the ground, looking at the full moon in the sky, and thought, ‘We’re finished!’