My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 157

Chapter 157: A Young Mans Heart

After handling the motorcycle thugs, Zhong Nuannuan walked toward Leng Qirui and bent down to look at him. “Are you alright? Do you want to wait here for the police to arrive, or go to the hospital first?”

“I’m alright. I can stay here and wait for the police.”

“Okay. I’ll take a look at your injuries.”

Leng Qirui removed his hand that was covering his abdomen, and there was a stab wound that had sliced his flesh open. Although it looked very scary, his internal organs were not damaged. In addition to this, Leng Qirui’s blood had coagulated relatively well. He normally did not bleed much even under such heavy exercise, so it was totally fine for him to hang on until the police arrived.

Zhong Nuannuan took out the thug boss’ cell phone and used a data transfer cable to pour all its contents into her own cell phone.

Leng Qirui’s eyes narrowed slightly as he looked at Zhong Nuannuan’s action.

“This cell phone is for you, it’s up to you whether to hand it to the police when they arrive. Ah, yes, you don’t have to mention me to the police.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t say anything.” Leng Qirui stared at Zhong Nuannuan with a burning gaze. “Thank you for saving my life, I still don’t know who you are yet.”

“We’re all classmates, don’t treat me as an outsider. Well, I’m heading off, you’re responsible for looking after them.”

After saying that, she did not wait for Leng Qirui to speak again, and rode off in her pink battery-powered scooter.

As he watched the slender figure on the pink battery-powered scooter dissapear, Leng Qirui’s heart felt as if it had been scratched by a cat.

He would definitely find out who she was!

The police arrived right after Zhong Nuannuan left.

The police felt a pang of fear after they found out Leng Qirui’s identity, and they were extremely grateful for Zhong Nuannuan.

When she arrived at the rendezvous site, both Aiden and Selina were so bored while waiting that they were playing games on the ground.

“Big boss, you’re late!” Selina complained.

“How dare you! Where’s my Ecosse Spirit? Have you inherited it?”

“Big boss, isn’t it just a motorcycle? You nagged me about it several times. I’ll help you drive your darling for now, and I’ll give it to you when you graduate from senior high school.”

Zhong Nuannuan was speechless.

Not wanting to talk to Selina any longer, Zhong Nuannnuan looked at Aiden. “Did you find out what happened today? Who exactly wants to kill Chi Yang?”

Today’s suicide attack looked like it was directed toward Leng Jinpeng, but Leng Jinpeng was just a character who had faded out of Emperor District, and his body was already riddled with holes. It was impossible to use such a vile suicide attack against Leng Jinpeng.

Hence, after Zhong Nuannuan gave it some thought, she was certain that the person they wanted to assassinate was definitely Chi Yang.

Although she did not spend much time with Chi Yang in her previous life, she still knew that Chi Yang’s existence was an obstruction to some people in Emperor District.

Often, Chi Yang would narrowly escape with serious injuries.

She could ignore what happened in her previous life, but she had already confirmed her relationship with Chi Yang in this life. In this way, the person who was hurting her man was also hurting her.

This person definitely could not be let off.

“Big boss, didn’t you ask me to investigate a person known as Viper last time out?”

“Is she the mastermind behind this assassination?”

“Yes.” Aiden nodded. “However, are you sure that Viper is a woman?”

“I’m certain. Didn’t I send you all the electronic portraits already?”

“Then It’s probably a coincidence.”


Selina spoke from beside her, “Jiang District has experienced rampant smuggling in recent years, and it was overflowing with underground transactions, especially with a mafia called the Wute Organization. They are involved in drugs, arms, and human trafficking, and have a harsh nature. The head office demanded that these gangs be wiped out.”