My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 158

Chapter 158: Wanting To Cause Trouble

“There was originally no special forces team in Jiang District’s military base, but in order to eliminate this criminal gang completely, the head office sent Brother-in-Law here to form the Department of Special Forces Team.

“The headquarters of the Wute Organization is in Yamato, and the boss at the helm here in Camino is called Viper. However, I’ve checked with Aiden, and found ou that this Viper is a man. Big boss, if you’re sure that Viper is a woman, and has no disguise, then this Viper is not the one you mentioned before.”

“Did you find out where Viper’s lair is?”

Aiden and Selina’s expressions could not help but stiffen at Zhong Nuannuan’s words.

“Big boss, are you kidding us? Brother-in-Law couldn’t manage to find it despite being so powerful, so how could Aiden and I find it?”

“Your brother-in-law is at the military base, and not everyone in the military base is under his command. Both of you are experts in gathering intelligence. The entire organization used to rely on the both of you to gather intelligence in the past, but now you’re saying these things to me? Cut to the chase, where’s the lair? Get things done quickly, I still have to go to school tomorrow morning.”

As she looked at the two chaps who did not need to study early in the morning, Zhong Nuannuan actually felt slightly envious.


Aiden, who was drinking water, immediately spit it out when he heard Zhong Nuannuan’s words.

Hence, they had to be blamed for this?

“This Viper is very good at hiding, so we don’t know where his people and lair are. However, there are three places that are considered property under his control.”

Selina continued, “Actually, my brother-in-law definitely knows about these three places, but he didn’t want to act rashly and alert the enemy with his limited intel, so he never touched them. Besides that, they obviously have people looking after them from above, so no matter how much trouble they cause, nobody can harm them.”

“Alright then, let’s go to these three places!”

“Then let’s get into the action together!” Aiden’s eyes lit up. He felt that he had not stretched his muscles for a long time.

Selina also looked very expectant.

However, Zhong Nuannuan looked at the time. “It’s already 1am.”

“So what? These three places are a club, a bar and a KTV. All of them remain open at night.”

“The thing is, these three places are a bit far away. Even at top speeds, it’ll be at least 3am by the time we wrap things up, and I still have to go to school tomorrow morning.”

Aiden and Selina were at a loss for words.

“I’ll go to the club, Selina, you go to the bar, Aiden, you go to the KTV.”

Aiden was startled. “Why am I not going to the club? Big boss, you”

He saw Zhong Nuannuan take out the wig inside her bag and put it on her head. She was a charming young woman earlier, but at this moment, due to the change in her gaze, she instantly transformed into a beautiful man. Even the smell her body was devoid of any female scents.

At that moment, Zhong Nuannuan became a super spendthrift son who frequented high-end clubs.

“Oh~ You’re so handsome! Big boss, I want to give birth to babies for you!” Selina looked at Zhong Nuannuan with a loving gaze, and she acted like a fangirl.

“Fine.” Aiden surrendered.

“No wonder Big Brother keeps encouraging you to enter the entertainment industry. Big Boss, you’re able to change your gender just by a switch in your gaze, with a person like you around, how would those in the entertainment industry be able to compete with your acting skills?”

Selina shot Aiden a fussy look. “Which part of my big boss is acting? My big boss is clearly a real man, okay? Big Boss, I think that you’re right not to pursue acting, if you became an actress, not only would men be awed by you, women might probably be stunned to death too. You should stick to your duty as a doctor! It’s good to save lives!”

Zhong Nuannuan was speechless. This was not the reason why she wanted to be a doctor!