My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 159

Chapter 159: Queen Of Spades

A pink battery-powered scooter arrived at the ground floor of a high-end club. A thin figure got off the battery-powered scooter, and although he wore a pink helmet, he was probably a very handsome young man.

“Master, battery-powered scooters cannot be parked at the entrance.”

The valet bowed slightly and stepped forward to remind him. Although the young man in front of him was riding an obscure battery-powered scooter, their experience of examining and handling people told them that this person was definitely extraordinary.

Sure enough, although the young man ignored the valet’s words, he took out a stack of cash from his bag and threw it behind him.

20 thousand dollars in cash was showered in the air like confetti.

Although it was very rude, the valets loved the rudeness of these noble, pampered sons to death.

After that, the valets protected the pink battery-powered scooter as if it was a distinguished queen.

There were six floors in the club; the lower three floors were for ordinary guests to play with cards and gamble, while the upper three floors were involved in unrestrained gambling, eroticism and under-the-table transactions.

The ordinary elevator could only reach the third floor, but Zhong Nuannuan had the structural map of the club that Aiden had passed to her, so after she entered the club, she took off her helmet and clamped it under her armpit, then fished out a ‘Queen of Spades’ mask from her bag and put it on her face.


The elevator door opened, and the attendants on the third floor prepared to come forward and greet the guest with a smile. However, when they saw the strange ‘Queen of Spades’ mask on the incoming person’s face, they all stopped in their tracks and watched the silver-haired man cautiously as he walked past them and disappeared behind the corner.

“A man wearing a ‘Queen of Spades’ mask looks like he’s coming to cause trouble! He’s now walking toward the elevator to the fourth floor.”

An attendant at the third-floor lobby roared into a walkie-talkie, and, a moment later, five fierce men wearing suits and sunglasses went to confront the Queen of Spades.

“You are”


Five poker cards shot out from the Queen of Spades’ hands, and before anyone managed to speak, the five poker cards cut through the arteries in their throat and lodged deep in their necks.

The five black-suited bodyguards widened their eyes, and desperately covered the blood that was incessantly squirting out of their throats. By the time the Queen of Spades walked over to them, their bodies had already crashed to the ground, unable to support themselves.

The jaw of the person in the monitoring room upstairs dropped, and the cigarette in his mouth fell onto his clothes, singeing him without him realizing.

“What in the world is going on?”

The person in charge of the club, and also the boss of this stronghold, asked angrily as he slammed open the door of the monitoring room with a loud bang. However, he was equally shocked by the scene captured on the monitoring screen.

It showed the Queen of Spades walking to the fourth floor with ease as if he was taking a stroll in the garden. Just like the master in the ‘King of Gambler’ movie, he killed one of their highly-paid bodyguards with a single card. He did not even bother to pick up a gun from the corpses, completely shocking the ringleader.

“F*ck! Who exactly is this?”

The ringleader immediately called headquarters. “The south city club is under attack! Requesting headquarters support, requesting headquarters support!”

While he spoke, the Queen of Spades eliminated all the bodyguards on the fourth floor, leaving only the attendants and guests without guns, who were cowering under the table. She did not even glance at them as she went straight to the fifth floor.

“Quick, turn off the elevator! Turn off the elevator!”

The person in the monitoring room came to his senses, and tried to shut down the elevator with a trembling hand.

However, because his hands were shaking too much, the elevator on the fifth floor also opened. “Ding”