My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 160

Chapter 160: Rampage


The south city club was heavily involved in illegal activities, so it was very normal to possess a gun when you frequented it. In addition to that, its level of confidentiality and security increased with each ascending floor level.

The moment the elevator bell rang, before the door even opened, the black-suited bodyguards were so nervous that they fired their heavy machine guns at the metal doors.

One of them was so scared that he opened fire while screaming, “Go to hell!”

However, when the door opened fully, everyone was dumbfounded.


Where was he?

The ceiling of the elevator showed no signs of being opened, nor was there anybody on the ceiling.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief as they rejoiced and assumed that the killer had either left, or gone to the sixth floor.

“Big boss, there’s no one in the”

Before the last word was uttered, a few gold-stamped poker cards accurately flew toward everyone’s throats, its swiftness sparing no one.

To the shock of the club’s ringleader, the Queen of Spades jumped out from the corner of the elevator’s ceiling like a ghost in a dark night.

The camera in the elevator was broken, and the Queen of Spades’ hiding place was also a blind spot. Looking from outside in, the ceiling seemed empty. As for that tiny blind spot Did this person fold himself into a wedge?

Obviously, the ringleader guessed correctly.

This was because, otherwise, there was no other explanation.

“Quick, everyone, guard the sixth floor, we can’t allow him to succeed no matter what!”

The ringleader summoned all the remaining thugs as he himself held a gun and looked around nervously.

“The elevator has stopped, so it’s impossible for the Queen of Spades to come up through the elevator. The stairs are also sealed, so he can only come through the air vents. Everyone, aim your guns at the vents, as soon as there are any movements, immediately open fire and shoot him to death!”

As soon as the ringleader gave his orders, people started firing their guns at the air vents above their heads.

Nobody even noticed that the Queen of Spades had already gone to the stairwell, realized that it was blocked from the inside, and went back. Next, the Queen of Spades pried open the main board of the elevator, and after some fumbling, the elevator that had previously been turned off started to automatically ascend.


The elevator door on the sixth floor opened.

The Queen of Spades had already taken on a handsome pose, preparing to give the opponent a headache once the door opened.

Unexpectedly, however, no one was outside when the door opened.

Zhong Nuannuan was slightly puzzled, did everyone on the sixth floor run away?

Even so, it did not matter even if they had all fled. After all, she was not here to kill today.

(The ringleader thought miserably, ‘What are those black human-shaped figures lying on the floor?’)

Suddenly, the sound of heavy machine guns fire came from the hall, but stopped after a while. Zhong Nuannuan suspiciously walked toward the source of the gunshots.

Could it be an unexpected visitor?

When she turned the corner, she saw that the black-suited men with sunglasses had already removed their shades, and their eyes were transfixed on the ceiling.

Zhong Nuannuan was bewildered, and she thought, ‘Is the unexpected visitor in the ceiling?’

Hence, she walked over to a man in black and asked, “Hey buddy, what are you looking at? Who’s up there?”

“Oh my goodness, don’t you know that we’re under”

Before he managed to say the word “attack”, the man in black saw the Queen of Spades mask inches away from him, and was shocked to the core.


Accompanied by an inhuman scream, the man in black was so terrified that he even tossed his gun as he fled.

The other man in black behind him saw this, but reacted too slowly. He was just about to shoot…