My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 161

Chapter 161: You Are Shameless

“Rat-tat-tat Rat-a-tat-tat”

The Queen of Spades previously used poker cards to kill people, but this time she clasped a pink helmet under her left arm while shooting everyone massacre-style with a heavy machine gun in her right hand.

By the time the shooting stopped, almost everyone was dead, except for the man in black that had tossed his gun to her.

The man in black knew that he was dead for sure, and his body trembled violently. His tears and snot were mixed together, and he pointed at Zhong Nuannuan while complaining in a shaky voice, “You You’re shameless!”

This person had previously used poker cards to kill people, so everyone was prepared for him to release the poker cards, so that they would then roll around. However, this shameless person did not use poker cards anymore, and had swapped a machine gun instead! It caught everyone by surprise.


The stunned Zhong Nuannuan started to scream as she saw the man in black urinating in his pants. She felt that she must have been too cruel and frightened him out of his wits.

In the end, Zhong Nuannuan decided to let this man go. After all, she had already retired from her brutal ways.

In less than ten minutes, all the gunmen in the club were dead.

However, where was the armory?

She remembered that her father, Zhong Kuijun discovered the armory in her previous life, and because of his major discovery, he eventually achieved a first-class merit like Chi Yang and finally became the captain that he had always longed to be.

Zhong Nuannuan activated her X-ray vision and looked at the ground intently. A moment later, she spotted a man taking an elevator to the ground floor.

When she traced the path of the elevator, Zhong Nuannuan realized that one elevator was completely embedded into the wall.

After that, she looked at the interior and exterior of the wall, and found out that one spot in particular was controlled by a hidden mechanism. Once the hidden mechanism was triggered, the wall could then be opened.

However, in such a large storeroom, how could she know where the hidden mechanism was? Thus, she casually picked up a metal hammer from the ground and slammed it against the weakest area of the wall.

Immediately after, a part of the wall collapsed under the violent force, quickly forming a hole.

After that, Zhong Nuannuan twisted her body with unbelievable flexibility and squeezed her body through the opening. Even so, she could not get her pink helmet inside, no matter how hard she tried.

Therefore, she had no other way choice to place the helmet on the ground and go down by herself.

The elevator never came back up after it went down, so the man had probably tampered with it. She took out a pair of gloves from her bag and kicked the elevator door open, then easily slid down the rope to the ground floor.

Subsequently, she opened the top of the elevator and strutted out.

The passage was very long, and she walked for quite a while before finally hearing the man’s voice.

“Big Boss, you can rest assured as our armory has not been attacked. That person is probably from the underworld and has some grudges against us, which is why he killed people without saying a word. I’m the only person who knows about this secret passage, and I’ve never even told my most trusted men about this. When they were in the shootout earlier, I took the opportunity to sneak in here without being discovered. …Yes, yes! Okay, I understand. I will keep waiting here for you to arrive, Big Boss. Okay, I won’t hang up the video call.”

As soon as he finished saying this, a poker card appeared in the man’s throat.

Although he was involved with the dealings of the underworld and was usually used to seeing death, he had just seen the subordinate who he was just talking to die in front of his own eyes. The main point was that the armory he had just spent a fortune on had been completely exposed to the enemy just like that. This made Viper’s heart tremble with shock.

The next moment, the scene in the video changed, and a ‘Queen of Spades’ poker card mask appeared in front of him.