My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Prank

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“Didn’t you clearly see what I was doing earlier?”

Viper was so shocked that he fell off his seat.

Was this a problem of not seeing clearly?

This lunatic was not thinking of committing a heist against him, he just wanted to destroy all his goods as a mischievous prank! Even if the military base themselves discovered his goods, they would not destroy all these precious items!

“Who exactly are you? What grudges do you have against the Wute Organization?”

The veins in Viper’s bloodshot eyes were almost going to pop, and he cast a deadly stare at the young ‘man’ in front of him, who wore a ‘Queen of Spades’ mask.

Since when did such a super bored pervert appear in the underworld?

This person had killed so many of his people and even destroyed 10 billion dollars’ worth of his goods, but his ultimate goal was just to make him kowtow!!!

This man had crossed the line!!!

After Viper’s video was transmitted to the cell phone, the video call that was still in the process of reconnecting suddenly switched scenes, such that the only thing that Viper could see was the ceiling.

“Come back! Come back here! Remove the bomb!”

Viper frantically roared from his end of the phone, but the perverted mask never reappeared on the other end of the line.

Viper slumped to the ground in the car, and the sound of an ear-shattering explosion suddenly came from the ongoing video call. “Boom!”

He was able to feel the earth-shattering shock even from across the phone screen.

There was some distance between the warehouse and the club, so the explosion in the warehouse had caused a shockwave in the streets.

Since it was a high-end club, the club was surrounded by greenery, and residents living in the community were not affected. However, after the residents witnessed such a terrible explosion, they expressed worry about the natural gas pipelines.

Because of this, staff from the natural gas company came to inspect all the natural gas pipelines in the entire area the next day.

Having said that, naturally, this only happened later.

Zhong Nuannuan walked out of the club with swagger as she clutched her pink helmet and munched on chewing gum.

Some of the guests who had been present at the gunfight came out alongside her, their knees weak from fright, making it such that they were not able to leave the scene until later.

When the two valets saw Zhong Nuannuan, they immediately crawled out of their hiding place and handed the scooter keys to her while sweet-talking her.

“Sir, a lot of guests who didn’t drive here wanted to grab your battery-powered scooter to escape earlier, but we managed to stop all of them. Here are your keys.”

“Good job!”

Zhong Nuannuan was a generous person. After she started the battery-powered scooter, she reached into her bag for money, but realized that the bag was already empty. Upon seeing this, she readily threw out a gun that she took from the armory, then rode off on the pink battery-powered scooter.

The two valets did not see the item that was thrown at them clearly, but they knew that it was definitely something valuable, and reached their hands out to catch it.

After they managed to grab a hold of it, they opened it up.


The valets, who originally behaved as though they had received some valuables, were instantly scared witless, and they tossed the gun to the ground as they fled hysterically.

When the news broke the next morning, Aiden felt that something was amiss. Even so, it was not until after he hacked the highest level in the public security system that he realized that his big boss had destroyed an armory worth 10 billion! The goods stored in this armory were probably the arms that Viper had previously come forward to trade in person, and which the military had failed in their operation to catch him despite suffering heavy losses. It was only after this arms deal bust went wrong that Chi Yang was dispatched to the area.

When she saw the incoming caller ID, Zhong Nuannuan answered her phone. Almost instantly, Aiden let out a deafening roar from the other end.