My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 164

Chapter 164: Vixen

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“Ah ah ah ah ah Big Boss, you are too much. No wonder you didn’t let me destroy that club yesterday. You, you, you… boohoo. It was so large, so there was bound to be good stuff in it, yet you destroyed it all, leaving nothing for me. You are too much!”

Zhong Nuannuan used her face to hold her phone against her shoulder as she carried a stack of books from the academic affairs office. “What’s so good about that junk? If you really want something, go to Jeffrey’s to pick it out yourself.”

Aiden stammered, “The old guy sells his wares at such a high price…”

Zhong Nuannuan could not resist smiling. She knew that Aiden was going to blackmail her again, but still willingly responded, “Okay, I will report the expenses to you.”

“Then, I want to choose five things!” Aiden immediately picked up the Dragon Slayer knife to cut his boss.

“Less nonsense, choose at least ten things.”


With a sharp sound, the phone hung up.

Thinking of what she had forgotten yesterday, Zhong Nuannuan called Selena.

“Big Boss, if you have any orders, the little ones will do it immediately!”

She suspected that Aiden’s phone had been on loudspeaker, so Selena probably heard it from the side. At this moment, both of their emotions were soaring at unprecedented heights, so flattery was unnecessary.

“I took another blood sample from Zhong Qianqian and once again did another DNA test in accordance with the previous methods.”

“Yes, Big Boss. After the first lesson, immediately take it to the second stall of the female toilet on this same floor.”


After hanging up the phone, Zhong Nuannuan walked toward her classroom.

Zhong Nuannuan stood at the door, and the once quiet classroom instantly became rowdy.

After all, the death of Zhou Jinhui had a major impact on the school.

“Yo, look who it is? Can a murderer even come back to school? Being rich is different after all!”

The one speaking was Wu Wenqian, the class monitor. She had the best grades, which was why her seat was the first seat in the first row.

“It’s just a bumpkin from the countryside entering the city. Did you really think that becoming a member of the Zhong family makes you a noble lady? I don’t know what the Zhong family is thinking by actually bailing out this person. It’s okay for her not to pay with her life for killing someone, but letting her come back to school This will surely backfire on the Zhong family. What happens if she seduces another man, consumes their soul, and kills them? Wouldn’t that be a pity?”


The one accompanying Wu Wenqian was her deskmate, Li Shanshan, who was the study commissary of the class.

Jia Yong was very interesting, and was different from ordinary noble schools. Normal aristocratic schools called on children from wealthy families to attend them, but Jia Yong was different. Only half of Jia Yong’s high schoolers were noble students, while the other half were known as “scholarship students.”

These students had outstanding results, whilst their family conditions were normally very poor.

However, as long as their results from the high school entrance examination surpassed the insane baseline set by Jia Yong, the school would waive all the costs of these students. Subsequently, the noble students’ families had to bear these costs.

The school’s original intention in formulating this strategy was to allow scholarship students and noble students to help each other out as noble students could learn from scholarship students to improve their learning level and ability. Meanwhile, if scholarship students ever encountered any difficulties in life, they could seek work or help from the noble students.

In any case, the school’s original intention was good. It was even praised by the State Education Bureau.