My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 165

Chapter 165: Arrogance

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However, after the practice was implemented, it was found that the scholarship students had failed to motivate the noble students to improve their results. On the contrary, many scholarship students lost their original mentality in this aristocratic school driven by materialistic desires, which lead to their results plummeting.

Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan were prime examples of this.

Back then, these two people were the top and third highest scorers in Jiang District, Qian District, and Wan District. However, after entering Jia Yong, the two gradually shifted their focus from studying to reeling in a wealthy husband.

This was worsened by them being roommates with people such as Zhong Qianqian and Xue Miqi, as the two were always thinking about finding a good man.

Thus, their mentality had changed to believe that no matter how good their grades were, it was all just to enter a good university. Without the help of an influential background, no matter how excellent they were, they would still only find a job that pays of a few thousand yuan a month.

On the flip side, if they could reel in a wealthy husband and become a rich wife, they would have buckets of money to spend even lifting a finger.

Although Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan were still seated in the first and second seats in the front row, normally occupied by the top students, after this semester, they would have to move.

Having said that, there were also good noble students in their class. After passing the social practice prescribed by the second year of summer school, they were inspired and determined to study hard and lay a good foundation for their family businesses in the future. Their results improved drastically, thus surpassing the two students that they had once looked up to.

As a result, considering Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan had neither background nor education, Zhong Nuannuan did not bat an eyelid at their remarks. She felt that they would only make themselves look dumb by doing this.


Upon seeing that even though Zhong Nuannuan had been to prison before and lost all her worth, yet despite this, was still ignored them like a stone-cold goddess, Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan felt a wave of anger surge from within them. It was as if they had been slapped.

“What is this? You’re a murderer and yet you’re so prideful. You think you can act normally after committing murder? With that nasty look on your face, an uninformed person might not even know that you killed somebody. Instead, they might even think that your family was the ones who were murdered!”

“Yeah, look at our Qianqian, authentic, and of famous ancestry. She has always been polite to people, unlike this girl! She’s clearly a pheasant who has added a few feathers and is now pretending to be a phoenix. Fake b*tch!”

“I heard that the Zhong family is now ashamed of her.”

“Well! If you were a murderer, would your mother be proud of you?”

Before this, these two people only dared to say bad things about behind her back. A while ago, she had been stuck moping about in a prison cell, which seemed to have influenced their perception of her. Did they think that being in jail and having her family seemingly not care about her anymore had shaken her self-worth? That it had broken her completely?

She had no deep hatred for the two of them, but they were twisted with anger!

Although she generally did not care about these two mad dogs, Zhong Nuannuan was not the kind of person to just ignore it when people were insulting her.

That was not her style!

She was just about to speak when the vice class monitor, Guo Junhao, who was standing to the side, snorted at their remarks.

“Even if she has been in jail, she is still a daughter of the Zhong family. Her parents could still spend their wealth to allow her to return to Jia Yong to study. What about you guys? What do you guys have? You guys used to have good academic records, but now…” Guo Junhao sneered. “When the time comes for the college entrance examination, do not bother applying for a university if you haven’t yet reeled in a man!”