My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 166

Chapter 166: Hegemony

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Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan were beaten, but they dared not speak up and verbally attack Guo Junhao. After all, Guo Junhao’s family owned a technology company, which was said to now be developing a very promising online game. Therefore, it could also be said that Guo Junhao was one of their prospective targets.

Thus, at this moment, the two of them could only redirect their hatred toward Zhong Nuannuan. They were acting as though they wanted revenge after she had stolen one of their husbands or murdered their parents.

Things would be different if Zhong Nuannuan just so happened to become the school beauty with a good family background immediately after transferring here.

If she was the same as Zhong Qianqian, then fine.However, the problem was that she used to be poorer and even worse off than those “scholarship students”.

Zhong Nuannuan was really too beautiful, so beautiful in fact, that people could not help but always turn their attention toward her. These two had tried very hard for a long time but still could not get this kind of attention, yet, Zhong Nuannuan did not need any to expend any effort at all but could still get the opposite sex to direct their gazes toward her.

Every time they saw Zhong Nuannuan, Wu Wenqian and Li Shanshan could not help that this was God’s injustice.

After all, Zhong Nuannuan satisfied all the characteristics of Cinderella.


The two were staring at Zhong Nuannuan when Teacher Liu’s pointer hit their classroom desk loudly.

“This is a school, not a place for you to gossip. If I hear any more words that are damaging to the relationships of your classmates, you will stand on the rostrum at the side of the class for the rest of today!”

After roaring at the two of them, he looked at Zhong Nuannuan who was standing at the door and his face instantly became sympathetic.

“Nuannuan, you’re here. The school is already aware of the court’s verdict that you’ve been wronged. You haven’t been to school for more than a month and are surely behind in a lot of homework. The back is too far away, and the teachers of other subjects may not be able to take care of you there. This place just happened to be emptied two days ago, so you can sit here.”

Two days ago, one student’s grades fell too far and his performance had also not been up to scratch. The student had also beaten a noble-born student and was expelled from the school. Thus, the middle seat in the third row from the front was vacated.

Wu Wenqian was the top scorer for the high school entrance examination, with good grades and high ambitions. After entering Jia Yong, it was originally the difference in status that led to the distortion in temperament. Now, upon seeing how the teacher had criticized them yet was treating Zhong Nuannuan so nicely, the wickedness in her heart could no longer be contained.

“Teacher Liu, it was clear that she had pushed Zhou Jinhui, which led to his death. This is something that all the teachers and students of this school know. She is a morally corrupt person who has no regard for law and discipline, so why isn’t the school expelling her? Is it because her family has money?”

“Wu Wenqian!” Teacher Liu roared angrily.

“Even if Teacher Liu wants me to stand on the rostrum for class today, I still want to finish what I’m saying. Zhong Nuannuan is not only a murderer, she is also placed last in the entire school. Our entire senior year was seated according to our grades, so why is it that Zhong Nuannuan should be treated specially and get to sit in the third row? Are you partial to her because you are afraid that the other classmates will harbor some opinions?”

Zhong Qianqian, who was sitting in the third row, heard Wu Wenqian’s accusations, but in order to prevent her own fragile image that she had painstakingly managed from being damaged further, she could only bow her head whilst maintaining a light smile.

This girl hated Zhong Nuannuan so much! She wanted everyone to know that Zhong Nuannuan was a female watch.

“Who said she was a murderer?”

The incomparably cold voice of a man suddenly interrupted her.

Everyone looked up and saw a bold and assured man in battle uniform walking toward the classroom. He had perfect posture, and every step gave off an awe-inspiring aura.